Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Pact

To aid in not forsaking the vow, Brother Inominandum and I have decided to make a magical pact to lose 60 pound each by the end of the year.

I feel sorry for him, personally. I'm going to win. (Not that it's a contest...) I just bought a dog, and walking her will have me losing about 20 pounds in a month. Add to that the fact that he's having twins and SOMEONE's going to have to eat with his wife...

Let's just say he's going to have it harder than I am.

As of today I weigh 238 pounds. So come Dec. 31, I need to weigh at least 178,  although the ideal weight for me is 165 unless I work out.

So we're both going to use magic to get this done in addition to your normal stuff. Me I don't diet. I hate diets, I'm no good at them. I can do portion control though, that's not too hard. And exercise, I can play guitar hero on my playstation while I ride the exercise bike, so that's like a no-brainer. I need another copy of Guitar Hero II though, the kids ate the last copy I had. (Actually, I think my old PS2 ate it. I've seen odd scratches on the disks that look like my PS2 itself is etching something into the disks.)

So anyway, my plan is to work with Enochian Angels of the Fire tablet. Mostly just to get me more active and exercisey. I don't want them to get rid of the weight for me, I want them to get me to get rid of the weight. Maintaining Exercise is the hardes part for me. My Taurean nature is earthy and I really like to sit. In a hole. In the Ground. A Lot.

Mostly I need to get things in balance. So I'll be asking my HGA before conjruing up fire Angels on a whim. I wouldn't want to have them decide to take my lovely office with its wifi internet connection away to make me want to do something.