Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Far-Reaching Aspects of Mars

Earlier today I made a Mars talisman, and then did some work with my HGA and the Sun, and I'm still flying a bit. Post-coital bliss, in a way.

But while it's all still fresh, I want to share a bit on the aspects of Mars-in-Sagittarius.

I had a long history of inappropriate displays of Martial energies. Especially when I got angry. I'm a Taurus, and all the stereotypical images that pop into mind when you think of a bull seeing red applied to me when I lost my temper. I'd snort, rant and rave, crush everything that stood in my way, and then when I calmed down, I was left to deal with the mess I'd made.

As a result, I was a bit wary in working with Mars. I didn't want to have any Martial energy coming into my sphere and triggering some kind of outburst. At the same time, I was eager to get that sphere integrated into my own, so it wouldn't manifest destructively. The solution, of course, is to work with the powers of Mars through the auspices of the HGA. Which I did do today.

I started with Kammael, archangel of Mars. I did a simple conjuration with my HGA and asked it to integrate the energies of Mars into my sphere. No problem, it said, and I began to behave more judiciously in my actions. That was neat. I also began to see conflict differently, whether in the wars in the middle east, or the politics in the workplace. I also began to stand up for things that I had earned, but in a diplomatic way.

Today I made a talisman of mars to use in my Table of Practice. I carved the Table of Mars from Agrippa's Book 3 on one side of a sheet of steel coated in tin. On the other side, I carved the symbol of Mars and the seals of the Intelligence and Spirit of Mars. It was similar to one I had made on paper a few months ago when Mars was in Scorpio. that talisman was made to use in vengeance-focused rituals. This one is designed to take advantage of Mars in Sagittarius, that is, using force, justice, and appropriate violence to make a better future. Mars is also well-aspected by Jupiter today, so there's an aspect of using violence under authority to accomplish necessary actions to build a brighter future. Al in all, a very useful talisman.

After making the talisman, I went on to make a talisman of the Sun, this one more of a lamen of Michael. While I was doing that, the powers of the sphere of Mars were still bouncing around in my sphere. My HGA and Michael used the time that I was focusing on drawing the seal to commune with me and reveal some aspects of the powers of Mars I hadn't recognized before.

Kammael, the archangel of Mars, is constantly monitoring me, directing the energies of Mars into my sphere at the levels that I require at any given time. Usually this is slight, but lately he's been TRYING to get my attention. There's been some spiritual business that I've been ignoring because it could easily reveal more character flaws in my self that I really would rather avoid dealing with.

So I've been irritable, mean-spirited, and generally argumentative. I see attacks where there are none, and I feel under pressure. After working with the spirits today, I can see where I need to direct the martial force in my life, and I feel totally psyched about it. Instead of seeming like a bother or something to avoid, it seems like a challenge. The thrill of victory is right around the corner.

That, I think, is the lesson I'm walking away with. There's more going on than a lesson from the spirits, of course, but this is a blog, after all, and the words are all I have to put it into in this particular forum. The point I learned today about the powers of Mars is that they empower you to achieve victory in any circumstance, not just for violence or revenge, but for Success. All the things you read about successful business plans, successful family management, successful parenting, all these things are aspects of the powers of Mars. Victory.

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