Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Genius and Evil Daimon Spreadsheets...

Quite a few people share Anuksunamun's sentiments about wanting to see the spreadsheet, the fruit of many months of research and study. So I've made it available, but I'm charging for it.

Some people think I shouldn't charge for this, but I'm a capitalist. If you want it for free, go to Agrippa's Book 3, chapter xxvi, and Google can fill in the blanks he doesn't provide.

The quicker and easier way is here:

You get a blank Lamen, everything you need to do the conjuration, and the conjuration ritual for the Genius. You also get detailed steps to come up with the Genius name, including an example. And the Tables with the corresponding signs, degrees and letters of both the Genius and the Evil Daimon that everyone wants the most.


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