Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shem 2


Remember I thought I didn't have to say the Shem angels were Zodiacal in nature?

Reference this link:


For this quote:

"seventy two trissyllable names of angels, whereof every one carries the great name of God, as it is written: My Angel shall go before thee; observe him, for my name is in him. And these are those that are set over the seventy two Celestial quinaries"

There it is. I seem to have missed that little bit at the end the first time I read through. I didn't realize Agrippa had placed them in the zodiac too. I thought he had no Zodiacal relationship, so I could skip that part of the rituals. Perhaps I'll have to revisit Ambelain's and Leitch's methodologies after all. Rather disappointing, I must say. I hate astrology.

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