Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Helping Others in the Great Work

I hope this blog has helped others in their pursuit of the Great Work. I've sold a couple books here and there, done some attunements on people, and have provided a lot of the information that has helped me. I hope reading it was as fun as learning about it.

But this post isn't about helping people like that. This post is about helping people along in their Work because you can't stand how they behave.

Surely you know the types. You love them, they're sweet, but there's just something about them that you can't stand, and it keeps you from being able to enjoy the fullness of your relationship. You see their character flaws clearly, and so does everyone else, but there's no way that they ever acknowledge that you're right in your assessment of their behavior.

Fortunately, you've done the ritual Work required to attain Adepthood, and you've been through the wringer yourself so many times with dealing with similar issues that you know exactly which spheres trigger the results you want to see in the other person's sphere.

I don't know how ethical this is, by the way. It's magick for the Great Work, and it might just backfire on you (or me) when you (or I) try to do it. Time will tell, though, time will tell.

Say someone is, oh, I don't know, hardhearted, jealous, and prideful, and because of this, they can't seem to see you for who you really are. What do you do?

Well, the Sun is the Sphere of revelation, and enlightenment, and that always leads to compassion. When you can't seem to get someone to see your point, a solar working makes sense.

Michael the Archangel of the Sun is who I'm planning on conjuring. This Archangel is good for almost everything, from wealth to exorcisms to initiations. It's hard to beat Michael in terms of being there for you when you need him.

Ok, so you've got the Spirit, go to the Magical Calendar and get the seal for Michael. (I believe the Magical Calendar places Michael in Mercury and Raphael in the Sun, but that's not "right" for me. You still use the seal of Michael, and disregard the placement in the Magical Calendar.) Next you create a little shrine to Michael. A statue of Michael slaying the Dragon would be great for this, but I'm buying a house, and can't afford to purchase statuary at the moment, so I'm going to make a lamen with his name and seal in it. Around the outside, I'll write the Name of God that corresponds to the Sun (Eloah va-Da'at) and the symbol of the Sun (circle with a dot in the middle). I'll include the names of the angels associated with the Sun (Melakim) and the name of the Sphere in the KBL (Tiphareth) Then I'll include the Planetary Sigil from the Magical Calendar.

In the center of the circle of the names and symbols, I'll draw a Star of David, and in the center of that the Name Michael in English with his Seal below that. Above the Star of David I'll write out his name (MKAL) in Celestial script, and around the Star of David I'll draw four pentagrams, with the names of the Four Elemental Kings inside (Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel Clockwise, beginning in the East). I'll draw all this out in gold ink from an 18 carrot gold leaf pen on a Sunday in the Hour of the Sun. I'll mount the lamen on an ease-type thing I make out of dowel rods or something, so that the Lamen is mostly vertical. I could put it on a mantle or create a shelf on the wall for it too. Then I'll place a picture of the people I'm wnating to change in front of the lamen, with the changes I want to see written on the picture in gold ink, like "compassion, enlightenment, caring." Then I'll conjure Michael in his appropriate hour, and ask for him to do what I desire. Assuming he complies, I'll then light gold or white candles in front of the shrine, and burn Frankincense sticks until the change is complete.

I'm pretty sure there's no harm in this kind of magick, but you never know what kind of gross stuff comes out of a person when they begin to integrate the energies of the Sun into their sphere, eh?


  1. Your approach to this is interesting to me. You might converse with your HGA to discuss how to keep another's "junk" out of your sphere during this transformation. My work is with herbs & oils and this can be considered "uncrossing." I use banishing incense, protective floor washes, sprays and uncrossing baths to keep myself from getting "junked up" during this 7 day process (and any continued work). Good luck with this, I'm looking forward to seeing your posted results!

  2. I'd be interested in an update on this working. Did the person have an illumination?

  3. I never followed through, sad to say. I can't even remember who I was thinking of at the time. I'm pretty sure it was a lady at work who just doesn't like anyone. I just ignored her and the problems went away. :shrug:


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