Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon

I've decided to make a talisman of the fourth pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon. The timing is all wrong, at the moment, and it would be a while if I waited until the stars were aligned right. So this post is about how to make the best of a bad astrological timing through the conjuration of spirits.

Mathers' edition of the Key of Solomon has the following to say about the Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter:
The fourth pentacle of Jupiter.-- It serveth to acquire riches and honor, and to possess much wealth. Its angel is Bariel. It should be engraved upon silver in the day and hour of Jupiter when he is in the sign Cancer.
Being the erudite occultist that you are, you are no doubt aware that Jupiter is not in Cancer. Nor will he be until June 25, 2013, five years and three months from now. How do we make an effective talisman for a spirit that is specifically supposed to be made at a time that's beyond our reach? No matter what we try to do now, when Jupiter is in Capricorn, we aren't going to be able to have it be as propitious as it would be if the timing were absolutely right. But we can try to come close.

The first thing we're going to need to do is create the same kind of astrological influences as we would have if the timing were right. We'll need something to bring in the forces of Cancer to create a backdrop, and then something to bring in the forces of Jupiter to focus those forces through his lens. Since I work so much with the angels of the spheres, I elected to use Muriel, the Angel of Cancer, and Tzadqiel, the Archangel of Jupiter to bring their influences to bear upon this talisman.

Considering that I'm trying to replicate the sphere of the constellations being in a particular relationship to the sphere of Jupiter, I thought it would be a good idea to draw out the talisman with an additional two spheres represented.

When I look at any seal that is made of circles, in my mind's eye I see it as a cross-section of a sphere. The center circle represents the core of what you're trying to manifest in the mundane realm. Around that is usually some specific manifestation of God or his representatives. Each space between concentric circles represents a particular sphere, and within that sphere you write the symbolic representations of the forces of the higher sphere that you are depending on to make what you want in the center sphere manifest.

So in the center sphere of the Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter, there's the Name ADNI on one side of the seal, and the Name Bariel written on the other side. Within the center is the figure that represents what it is we want to manifest, riches, honor, and much wealth. I personally feel it is a derivative of the geomantic symbol "Joy, Laughing, Healthy, Bearded." It's in Agrippa's Three books of Occult Philosopy, Book II, chapter xlviii. Page 398 for those with Llewellyn's Tyson translation, or here for people looking for a link.

In the table of geomantic figures, the figure is listed as corresponding to the planet Jupiter and the constellation Taurus. That makes sense. Because the intent of this talisman is to pull down not only the wealth and riches that a luxury-loving Taurus would desire, it is inscribed in silver when Jupiter is in Cancer to include the manifestation of honors and glory that come with Jupiter in Cancer.

Around this inner circle is inscribed a star of David and Psalms 112:3 "Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endureth for ever." The Star of David represents the "as above, so below" principle of the Emerald Tablet, and the Psalm describes what part of the above should be made to manifest below, specifically wealth and riches.

Now, since I'm not in the mood to wait five years for this ritual, I created another circle around this inscription. Within this sphere, I wrote out the name and seal of Tzadqiel and the planetary images of Jupiter. These are all available within Agrippa's Three Books, and I'm not looking up the reference for it right now. It's where I found them though.

Around this circle, I drew yet another circle and inscribed the name of Muriel, the Angel of Cancer along with its seal from The Magical Calendar. The end result is a talisman with four concentric spheres (fitting for Jupiter), with the Seal, the Versicle, Tzadqiel-Jupiter, and Muriel-Cancer represented.

While drawing out the seal, I definitely felt the presence of Bariel, or at the least the forces represented by the seal manifesting. As I wrote out the versicle, the feeling of the presence became even greater. I felt a tingling in my forehead, which was not anointed with Abramelin oil or any other substance that might have made it feel odd. This spread around my head, and I felt quite stoned by the time I was finished with that part of the talisman.

I finished the other parts of the talisman another day, in the hour of Jupiter. Before beginning, I conjured my HGA, and then I conjured Tzadqiel to bring the forces of Jupiter to bear and Muriel to bring the forces of Cancer to bear. Within their presence, I wrote out their seals on the talisman. Later tonight, since this is the Jupiter Day, I will be performing a full consecration as I paint the image. I don't have the tools to inscribe a finely detailed silver talisman at the moment, and to make it big enough to capture all the details, I would need quite a bit more silver than I have on hand. As a result, I'm sticking with Virgin Parchment and paint in the appropriate colors from Agrippa.

Note that for the conjuration I will be using the modified formal conjuration I discuss in my ebook A Modern Angelic Grimoire, available for purchase from my web site.


  1. Now this one was good. This feels kind of like the way I might go about this process. Nice job synthesizing.

  2. What happened after you created the pentacle? Just curious because I have worked with the same pentacle and I received what I asked for however something very strange began to happen 8 months later and I started seeing 666 everywhere. At my job, at Burger King, playing poker ect. Then one night I was awoken during my sleep with something that felt like a bolt of lightening to my stomach which jolted my entire upper body straight up in the bed and in front of me was a blue circle. If you wish to discuss this with me further my email is

  3. No that the right time is arriving are you willing to make the same pentacle in the right times?


  4. Bill, yes, that seems like a really good idea, thanks for reminding me! Jupiter goes into Cancer 6/25/2013.


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