Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter Results

Well, that certainly didn't take long. In the first weekend after creating the talisman, I enjoyed a very pleasant inflow of cash, and multiple long-term opportunities for multiple revenue streams.

While I was hoping for a cash-cow, single-source bonanza of stupid-wealth, I never quite BOUGHT the lotto tickets, which pretty much ensures no winning there, eh?

Anyway, I'm very happy with the results. Here's a brief list:
  • Spouse landed a part-time job watching a friend's son before and after school, adding about $600 a month to our income; there's a chance another friend of hers is going back to work as well, and will need someone to watch her son too
  • Spouse had biggest weekend to date in Avon Sales after last week's Work
  • My "Products and Services" have sold more in the last week than they did in the last year
There were a few other things that happened rather positively in general. Respiratory infections we'd been fighting since October have left the house. It feels like a gentle "Happy Blanket" has descended on our house, for the most part, except for the ongoing low-grade warfare with my spouse. I scored a professional-grade laser printer-copier-scanner-fax for free. A bunch of other stuff that builds up wealth over time is coming into fruition at the same time.

Note that even though the Gematria of the figure could be Jupiter-Taurus, and the ritual itself is Jupiter-Cancer, the actual manifestations so far have been in keeping with Jupiter in Capricorn, slow steady, carefully measured growth.


  1. Any chance of seeing a picture of said talisman?

    I read and understood your description, but I can't visualize it well, as I don't know the materials used.

  2. I got a photo of the talisman and a digital image up now.


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