Saturday, June 21, 2008

Captain OBVIOUS!!!

Greetings faithful (and faithless hell-bound-heathen) readers! I should probably start a regular series of Captain Obvious posts. I do seem to make a lot of mistakes that in retrospect turn out to be pretty hard to have missed in the first place.

Today's is a simple lesson I learned while Mercury was Retrograde.

I've had a rough Mercury Retrograde. It wasn't too terribly bad with technological issues, but communications were sucky on many lists. And two or three times I got pissed at someone on a message board and wanted to curse them. :sigh:

After years of doing the Work now, at a pretty clipped pace, I've gotten to a point where I really take it for granted that I'm a sane, rational, and pretty emotionally well-balanced person. So when I found myself thoroughly ticked off at really stupid things, I was a little surprised. I conjured Kammael on a Tuesday to fix whatever was messed up in my Martial sphere, and things settled down quickly.

Anyway, I've learned a valuable lesson. I didn't curse anyone, and instead behaved politely and respectfully, and apologized even, when I was wrong or at least rude about being right. And guess what? These people I wanted to "teach a lesson to" all turned out to be friendly when the dust settled.

Yes folks, that's right! If you're nice to people, they can be your friends!

Ok, so Captain Obvious gets a Sesame Street Lesson out of life. Only without the muppets.

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