Friday, August 14, 2009

The Invisible College... Again.

Anyone interested in joining a loose fraternity of Hermetic Magicians? The following are the requirements, except #5, which is optional but highly recommended:

1. You do not talk about the Invisible College.

2. You DO NOT  talk about the Invisible College.

3. You must be willing to take the following statement to heart (like an oath, but one that doesn't need to be taken because it is simply true):

I am a Hermetic Magician. I am the Image of God on Earth, and it is my responsibility to perform God's Will within my sphere of influence by Working with His Ministers in the forms of Angels, Daimons,Genii Loci, and Elemental Spirits as I see fit.

4. You must take complete personal responsibility for all aspects of your life, recognizing that even factors beyond your control are never beyond your influence.

5. You must accept that I am your spiritual leader and do everything I say all the time, especially about sending me money.

6. You must be dedicated to the regular practice of magic, and not just the study or pursuit of occult knowledge. The Invisible College is about using the Power of Creation to shape the Universe according to our understanding of the Will of God.

7. You must be willing to work within the Hermetic Doctrine as revealed in the Corpus Hermeticum and the Emerald Tablet.

Ok, 1 and 2 are really from Fight Club, and are in jest. I plan on keeping a pretty low profile, but I may be at least affiliating with Congregational Illuminism.

If you're interested, send an email to me at rufusopusatrufusopusdotcom. Please include a simple resume of your occult experiences, your occult Curriculum Vitae. It doesn't have to be extensive, but I'd like to know what your background is. Don't be shy, there's nothing you can have done in the past that will exclude you, not even chaos magic.

I'm going to experiment with using Blogger as a kind of a message board/discussion group type thing, because I'm sick of email groups, and the comment feature seems to work well enough. Depending on your experience in the Work, you will be granted the ability to author posts.

This is a organization of practicing magicians. You don't have to be a practicing neoplatonic hermetic magician at the moment, but you need to be willing to become one, or at least learn the vocabulary to translate your own experiences into the common vocabulary of the Hermeticists.

It's a place to learn from people who have done this for a while, like myself and a few regular readers I'm thinking of who have displayed their experience with spirit magic to me in a way that I can't explain. It's not only for those who have achieved KCHGA (or the equivalent), but it is only for those who expect to do so within the next year, not just within their lifetime at some point.


  1. Is there a scholarship program for Wiccans I can apply for?

  2. Rather than blogger, you may want to check out setting up a drupal site. Then you get things like forums and the like which can be a lot more community like.

  3. LOL! I think I will just stick to being your friend. That way I can tell you when you have lost the plot! ;P

    Hope all is well in your world
    Love Kathy

  4. Don't Drupal. Seriously, its not so easy to set up. I gave up on it myself so I could move forward with my project.

  5. I'd be surprised if my HGA and I chat during '09. 2010 maybe.

    Would you be open to (relative) newbies following your discussions? I know that I'd get a lot out of it.

  6. Chronic, while I'd like to admit everyone, it's specifically for current practitioners of the Work.

    Email me, I may have other options for you.


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