Sunday, September 06, 2009

Holy Solar Angels

Today I performed a conjuration of the Angels of the Lord's Day. Not one or two of them, but all of the ones I could find a reference to in the Heptameron. I conjured them to undo some magic I had done with them earlier, specifically that magic that was supposed to get me wealthy without having to work.

I emphasized, if you recall, the fact that I didn't want to work for the money, and while I've been getting what I need to get by, and I'm in the top 10% of the wealthiest people on planet earth, I'm just fucking hating trying to live like this. I want security, damn it. I want dental insurance, the car payment in the bank, and enough money for food too. I don't want to be getting by as close to the bone as I have been.

So, to clear the air between us, I conjured the angels I had conjured before. I performed the rite on a Sunday before, and I figured I needed to at least have the day and hour right to undo whatever I had done. I've been meaning to undo the ritual for a while now, but what with one thing and another, I've missed the appropriate time repeatedly.

So today I started with a conjuration to my HGA, calling him by name and lighting a candle on his little "throne" talisman. As I did, I felt him come into the room. I anointed myself in Abramelin, and anointed his candle as well. I burned a little frankincense as I prayed with him, and felt the room grow clearer with his presence.

Next, I performed a bit of your basic cleansing rites. I began with, "You have cleansed me with hyssop, and washed me whiter than snow, oh Lord," and I lit the candle that symbolizes the presence of God on my altar. Immediately, I felt a warm and golden light fill me and my altar space. The Lord was with me.

Now, admittedly, it's been a while since I performed any formal magic. Most of what I've been doing lately has been with my familiar spirits, with a candle lit on occasion as I saw fit. I haven't even been rising through the spheres much. Instead, I've been playing video games on my PC between bouts of manically applying for jobs, or watching television (I cought up on three seasons of Dexter). That's how I've kept my mind occupied so I don't have to think. I haven't been a very good magician lately at all.

So when the Lord came to my altar space and filled the room with His presence, it was totally awesome. The hairs on my arms stood up, and I felt chills and warmth and peace and ... holiness. I had forgotten the holiness of the Lord. I look at the last couple of weeks and I can only shake my head and wonder, what the fuck, man?

So I spent a few minutes in thanksgiving and adoration. Nothing too smarmy, but there is nothing more healing to the soul than spending time loving and being loved by God. The best form of doing this I've found is pure worship, purely loving your creator-source and feeling the complete love in return. There is nothing more cleansing, nothing that puts you back on track faster. There is nothing more perfect in this world of matter that you can experience than the holy presence of your Father.

After spending time with Dad, I asked for his blessing on the Work at hand, and asked him to send forth the angels I would be calling, to guide them in undoing the magic I had done in my ignorance, and to empower them to accomplish their true natures on my behalf.

My conversations with God tend to be run-on sentences.

Next I proceeded with the conjuration. Most of what I had planned to do was straight out of the Considerations of the Lord's Day from the Heptameron. I used the Latin version of the Conjuration straight from that section, and even understood what I was reading while I read it. Mostly. It's the same way I conjured the spirits before, and that "worked," in a monkey's paw kind of way. (That's where you get everything you ask for and nothing you want.)

I haven't read Latin out loud since High School. The last time I conjured the Sunday Angels, I sort of mumbled my way through it, relying on Agrippa's "It's the intent of the magician that determines the angel we receive," and only really enunciating the names of God and Michael clearly. Today, however, I found myself automatically pronouncing the words the way they should be pronounced. I'm not saying my Latin was perfect, by any means, but it was a lot closer to what it's supposed to be than I can accomplish most days. I attribute the improved pronunciation to having formally conjured my HGA today before the rite. He does make a difference.

After reading the Conjuration, I called first on the Angels of Summer, Gargatel, Tariel and Gaviel. And Tubiel, the head of the sign of Summer. I included them today because I had included them mid-Summer when I screwed up the last ritual. Also, it's Labor Day weekend, and I'm taking down the pool out back, and I figured it was good to conjure them in general to thank them for the good times I had this year. Taking August off is a habit I could get into, if I could afford it.

In the Heptameron, it includes the name of the Earth in each season. In Summer, the name of the Earth is Festatavi. During the conjuration of the angels of Summer, I said, "Come now to the Earth which is called Festatavi" to include this name as well. I just sort of thought it was important.

I did the same for the Angels of the Lord's Day. Now, there are a lot of them in the Heptameron. Twenty-nine, altogether. There are three for the Lord's Day, Michael, Dardiel, and Huratapal. Then there's the Angel of the Air ruling on the Lord's Day, Varcan, and his Ministers, Tus, Andas, and Cynabal. These Angels are under the North Wind, which I mentioned while conjuring them. I don't presume that the Heptameron includes information you don't need.

After that, I conjured the Angels of the Fourth Heaven, ruling on the Lord's Day, which ought to be called from the four parts of the world. From the East, I conjured Samael, Baciel, Atel, Gabriel, and Vionairaba. From the West, I conjured Anael, Pabel, Ustael, Burchat, Suceratos, and Capabili. From the North, I conjured Aiel, Aniel, vel Aquiel, Masgabriel, Sapiel, and Matuyel. From the South, I conjured Haludiel, Machasiel, Charusiel, Uriel, and Naromiel.

Forty Angels, plus my HGA. It was a large rite, and my little office in the basement that I use for my ritual space was rather... full.

After conjuring the entities, the first order of business was to thank them for coming. Next we addressed "old business," that is, undoing the magic I had done before. I had thought this out before hand. I didn't want them to go out and do something I say in this rite that somehow makes things worse because I phrased something wrong.

So I simply released them from any activities I had assigned them before. I explained that although they had done what I said, I need a job and to have all my debts paid monthly. I told them to stop keeping me "without a job working for the money I make" and instead to do the things they are naturally inclined to do, as listed in the Heptameron. Specifically, procure Gold, Gems, Carbuncle (sapphire, emerald, and ruby), and Riches, and to bring favor and so forth and so on on my behalf. I told them specifically to build wealth so that my family is in the top .05% of the planet's wealthiest people, and to start by getting me a job to pave the way towards this final outcome. I mentioned the name of the job I wanted in particular, a place not far from home that provides all the benefits and salary and security I want from a job. If I have to work, this place would be ideal.

Afterward, I dismissed them and wrapped things up. I checked my clock, and I had finished with one minute of the Solar hour left to work in. Not bad, if I do say so myself.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Rufus. I personally found it very inspiring :-)

    p.s. As an aide, you might think about calling your blog "in the black" that should conjure some good monies ;-)

  2. Man that's a lot of angels! I love the solar crew though. They always lighten things up. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself man. You seem to have this ideal of what a magician should be and you get down on yourself for watching Dexter. That's just as important as the rest of it my friend. I got wasted tonight and started praising Metatron for his help. Its not bad - its a unique form of compliment!

  3. nothing better then the love the lord. GRIN. Yup. I have told people when things are really done right it is better than sex and folks look at me like I am nuts.


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