Monday, February 22, 2010

I Live!

Things should be picking back up around here soon. A few quick notes:

  • I have internet again, after a couple weeks without. The blizzard that hit the East Coast caused the installation to be canceled. TWICE. Two weeks in the new house with no cable or internet. Thank god for Xbox and DVDs.
  • I'm moved in and as settled as possible in my new temporary house. Being out of the hotel is great, but there's still no place like home.They're saying it will be 3 months until I get back to my house, but it could be as long as 6. 
  • While I was without internet, my domain expired. is back up and running.
  • Orders placed in the last month will be processed some time this week. Eventually.
  • Courses: God DAMN, it's good to be back online. I still have some shit to get off my old HD, I'm installing it as a SLAVE on my new computer this weekend (or sooner), but I'm still going to be slow publishing stuff to the courses. 
  • A book may be published officially and everything some time in the next year or so. Woohoo!
  • Expect fewer posts here going forward. The fire gave me some much-needed time to assess my life. I was spending way too much time online, and way too little taking care of my real life. I'm a geek, it happens. Nevertheless, I'm a magician with the primary responsibility of being a good steward of the things and people entrusted to my care. I've been tempered by the flame, and come through a lot stronger, leaner, thinner, and in some ways, meaner. A lot of the crap that isn't necessary just vanished in stinking clouds of smoke. Literally and figuratively.


  1. I know I'm not the only one who will be relieved to see this posting. Good to have you back among the "cabal of magic bloggers".

  2. Hooray on the "I Live." And double HOORAY on the final paragraph. Keeping our priorities straight in an "ooh shiny!" world isn't alway easy.

  3. Good to have you back online FR.

  4. "my domain expired."

    You're lucky you didn't lose it - when it snows it pours, or sumthin.

    Welcome back,

    Frater EH'e...

  5. Eureka!!!!! You live!!!! *Insane maniacal babbling laughter/laughterful babbling* Cheers! :)

  6. Welcome back. You've been missed.

  7. Hay Bro, glad to hear your alive, I figured it would take much more than a fire or blizzard to stifle a brimstone like you, welcome back!

  8. Keep us posted on the book happenings Josh. I would proudly add one of yours to my little collection!

    Great to see you moving forward again.

    Love Kathy

  9. Glad to see this. Thought you'd fallen off the planet, or something...


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