Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Eucharist Never Ends!!!

Ok, I've got some thoughts percolating that I want to get out. Necromancy, the breakdown of time and space, Mithraic Tauroctony, and meaningful communications with those who have come before and those who will come after. It's a work in progress, so bear with me.

First a shout out to my priest, Mnsgr. Scott Rassbach who frequently posts the title of today's post on his facebook status as a reminder of the Mysteries. The voice of one crying out in the wilderness to make straight the way.

Mystic Origins of the Eucharist (High Possibility of RO BS)

I suspect it's the Tauroctony rite of Mithras. The Tauroctony shows the Mithraic bull sacrificed by Perseus, its blood is being drunk by the dog, and wheat grows from where the blood spills. I think that this rite, like most of the other details of the Mithraic mysteries, is lifted directly and slightly modified for Christian consumption. I think the Tauroctony rite involved eating the bread (made from the wheat springing from the blood) and drinking the blood of a sacrificed bull.

But why did they do it? Symbolic participation with the mythos that leads to empowerment and affirms their place in the cosmology. The Tauroctony contains representations of a large portion of the constellations in the sky, Perseus, Taurus, Scorpio, Sirius, the Twins, and Corvus. By eating the bread and drinking the blood, they are manifesting a direct connection between the Above and the Below. they are participating in the union of the Celestial and Terrestrial realms. There aren't any planets involved, no Governors, Intelligences, etc. This isn't a planetary magic, 7-heavens thing, this is union with the EIGHTH SPHERE, the Constellations and the Mansions of the Moon.

But there could be more... Communion.

Mysteries of the Eucharist

I grew up calling the Eucharist "communion." It was something we did weekly, something I didn't really understand. I prayed for forgiveness of any sins, asked to be closer to Jesus, thanked him for his sacrifice, and moved right along. That's fine for the "outer order" of Christianity, the religious stuff that meets most people's spiritual needs. But there's more to Christianity than you learn about in the Bible or from the pulpit. I never really thought about what it represented, or even what the word "communion" meant, what and who it was we were communing with.

One of the Mysteries of the Eucharist is who we're communing with. Yes, we're remembering Christ and what happened, but we are "joining together with all the saints who have fallen asleep in Christ" when we participate. We are communing with not only God-Jesus-Holy Spirit, we're also communing with the dead. It's necromancy, pure and simple. You'd think it would be obvious since it's, you know, cannibalism, but I missed it for years.

Another Mystery, the one Scott points out, is that the Eucharist Never Ends. We're always in it, always in communion with the saints. We're always joined with them, all the ones who ever came before and all the ones who are yet to come. The Necromancy Never Ends! Separation-by-death is an illusion. Like the ritual act of "taking communion," we might forget in between the ritual reenactments that it's present and ongoing, but that doesn't mean it stops being true.


If the Tauroctony thing is right, this isn't a Christians-only truth. The time Christianity coalesced was not an explosively creative time. It was an explosively syncretic time, explosively adaptive. It's more likely in my opinion that the necromantic aspects of the Eucharist existed prior to the establishment of the Lord's Supper than that they were created along with the memorial rite. So if it's a necromantic communion ritual, it's there for Christians AND for non-Christians, which pretty much sums up everyone. So you can commune with your dead all the time. no matter what you believe.

Time is no barrier to communion. Neither is space. We are all linked through the neverending Eucharist. Death has no power, there is no power in its sting. We can commune with anyone any time. We can leave messages for the future, receive messages from the past. I've felt like I was walking and talking with Agrippa before. I've felt like I could feel the guidance of the magicians whose work was compiled into the Lemegeton. It makes sense.

And ... well, that's all I got so far. Bread and wine, memory, communion: never ending necromancy.

The dead, they're everywhere, and they're listening and talking to you right now. All the time.

Have good dreams!


  1. Your article lists several things that often either go unnoticed or are easily forgotten. The point about the dead being all around, all the time is something I have been especially guilty of forgetting from time to time.

    Excellent food for thought as always.

  2. So, hey! Let's get out the bread and wine and party! Never know who's gonna show up.

    If you ever get to Budapest, I'll show you one of those Mithras and Bull altar pieces that's bigger than life. I've lost count how many times I've gone to that museum. Seems the Roman city here on the northeastern frontier flourished right around the heyday of Mithraism.

    (Word Verification: minism)

  3. hi, Fr RO

    I think this is the second time that you comment that the mansions of the moon are in the 8th sphere, with the constellations.

    Is this a revelation you had through magic or are you assuming it because you use sidereal mansions?


  4. This might sound like nitpicking (it's not), but the saints that we commune with aren't dead :)

  5. Right Paul, and that's what we're reminded of in the Eucharist.

  6. You know, as many times as I've heard people theorize on the origins of the Christian communion, this is the first time I've ever heard anyone bring the dead into it. And to think, I've just started working with the dead... to the lab! (err, mass. Whatever.)

  7. ...you just exploded my brain, again....I'm going back to my Arbatel and Picatrix notes to see what I've overlooked...methinks you are on to something here.....


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