Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Order of the Golden Drama Queen

"it was agreed, that my endeavours should be directed to persons and characters supernatural, or at least romantic; yet so as to transfer from our inward nature a human interest and a semblance of truth sufficient to procure for these shadows of imagination that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment"
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Oh boy, Golden Dawn soap opera fans, this season ought to be good!*

Now there's a 20-year conspiracy against the HOGD, and the puppetmaster will soon be revealed! Is it last season's villain, the dastardly Nick Farrell? Is it a character we thought was written out of the plot? Or someone we haven't seen? Are the writers going to keep the continuity of past seasons, or completely recast the entire history?

If it's one person behind all the things woven together as a decades long conspiracy, they'll have to have been around the GD since the 90s, pulling the strings of the Ciceros. They'd have to be really old now, unless...

It's a Demon! Or a vampire, vampires are kind of played out in the mainstream, but the occult community is ripe for a good vampire genre resurgence.

I'm betting it's a Black Brother though, he's been sampling from the early GD school's bag of tricks for the last couple of years, complete with new revelations from the Secret Chiefs. I'm hoping for something on par with Fabrato, one of the 99 Black Lodges or something, but I don't really expect anything that good.

[Edit: The plot thickens! I started this post yesterday, and went to publish it this morning and found that the post has been removed! Nick is worried that the Black Rosicrucians might have gotten to him, so he's thoughtfully re-posted the last message of David Griffin. I really hope it doesn't turn out to have been a test episode, a potential plot line that didn't get enough positive feedback from the test audience.]

[Edit 2: The post is back, thanks for the heads up, Satyr Magos!]

* Some people watch Jersey Shore and Real Housewives. Don't judge me.


  1. Yeah, I hate those pilots that don't get picked up. I really hate those brilliant TV series that get canceled after only 6 episodes...

  2. @EKB, no shit. Dresden Files. 'nuff said.

  3. I've been watching the new tv show "Revenge", tons of intrigue, betrayal, hidden agendas and a massive conspiracy. Hell of a show, but not nearly as fun as the GD show! Cant wait till David unmasks the intercontinental evildoer! Ten bucks says its Crowley who didnt really die and is living amongst the transexual neo-nazi eskimo movement!

  4. You may be amused to see that the post is back up, including a threat of lawsuit.

    And this is SO much more intellectually stimulating than television, even if it does require the same degree of schadenfreude.

  5. Not just any Black Brother. A Black Brother capable of trollin as a true initiate for 20 years. In a few words, a really, really Black Brother. Stay tuned, kids, for next week's exciting episode, "The Mystery of the Really, Really (Old) Black Brother!"

  6. Ha ha ha, "potential legal action!". David "Peter" Griffin, don't ever change...

  7. The fact of the matter is David's ego has been inflated (can it really get any bigger?) by his arch-nemesis being thwarted. The fact of the matter is he and Robert Zink are two peas in a pod, and anyone that has worked with both the guys will tell you that straight up.

    Now that Zink is gone, we still see the GD (god damn) flame wars still alive and well, with Griffin pointing his finger now at Farrell as the perpetuator of these affairs. Not that Zink had clean hands in the matter, but the point is that he will do anything to divert blame from himself.

  8. The whole thing reminds me of highschool drama queens that only existed as such because they were able to generate scandal and keep the attention on themselves. Or even such pop divas as the Kardiashians. Nothing to offer the public other than drama, and when the attention moves elsewhere, they come up with some scheme to pull people back in. "ooo, im married" "ooo, i was abused" "ooo, dark brother forced me to have sex with dead monkeys in the back of a stolen volvo..." Problem being... in even posting this comment i am helping him. If he had posted that comment and NO ONE noticed of drove any discussion or attention to it, it and he would wither on the vine, well past prime picking season... too far gone to even call a raisin.
    and yet... i cant look away...

  9. Hypno, some days I feel all, "it's so tragic I can't laugh," but those are usually the days when I'm buying into the romantic ideal of what the GD represents.

  10. The thing with fights such as these is that as they continue, there will be nothing left to fight about. At least not something of value. Everything appears to have been degraded into a farce.

  11. Sucae, the further back into Golden Dawn History you go, the more you realize it's always been a farce, and any actual spiritual attainment received was more in spite of the Order than because of it.

  12. RO: I may not go as far as reach the conclusion you have - but I definetly view both their history and current situation in a much less idealistic way now then what I did in the past. Which is for the best, I reccon.


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