Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jupiter Talisman Election: April 19th

Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology fame has announced a really good Jupiter election for next Thursday, April 18th.

He's also offering a Jupiter Image and a brief consecration rite to members of the Spiritus Mundi yahoo group. If you're not a member, joining up is easy. The image is beautiful, and the consecration rite is straight out of the Picatrix. I read through my copy today, and it's as beautiful as the image.

For those new to astrological magic, Elections are windows of opportunity during which you can make a more powerful talisman. The stars and planets are aligned right, and a talisman made during this time captures the beneficial (or malignant) forces. Like a photo captures images that you can look at later. These forces are then radiated out into the sphere of the magician through the talisman, and can be tapped when you need the forces represented, but the stars are aligned against you.

Chris has generated the appropriate election times for various locations. He's encouraged me to post them so more people can start doing astrologically accurate talisman creation.

This is an ideal time to perform the Gate of Jupiter rite. Gather up the materials for the herbal talisman now, and then in the appropriate hour perform the conjuration, put the talisman together, and perform the consecration.

It doesn't have to be the Gate of Jupiter, of course, but it will be particularly effective then, and it's structured to fit nicely in the time available for the rite. I'd leave out the alcohol bits, maybe substitute some good tea or something delicious, unless you're ok with getting a bit faced in the afternoon.

You can also sign up to the Yahoo group linked above, find the message with the subject "Special Jupiter PDF Talisman Giveaway!" and send him a request at the email address he lists.

Here are the election times Chris provided, and some important and useful advice he gave at the end as well:
Karachi, Pakistan, April 19, 2012 1:40-2:20 pm (+5 GMT)

Mexico City, Mexico, April 19, 2012 2:39-3:23 pm CDTSydney Australia, April 19, 2012 12:50-1:46 pm AEST

Berlin, Germany 2:16-2:56 pm CEDT
London, UK April 19, 2012 2:10-2:50 pm BST

Roanoke, VA April 19, 2012 2:26-3:06 pm EDT
Washington, DC April 19, 2012  2:15-3pm EDT
NYC, NY April 19, 2012 2:02-2:43 pm EDT
Miami, FL April 19, 2012 2:25-3:10 pm EDT
Cleveland OH, April 19, 2012  2:33-3:13 pm EDT
Chicago, IL April 19, 2012  1:57-2:37 pm CDT
Minneapolis, MN April 19, 2012 2:20-3pm CDT
Dallas TX April 19, 2012 2:32-3:16 pm CDT
Boulder CO April 19, 2012 2:07-2:38 pm MDT
Phoenix, AZ April 19, 2012 1:33-2:13 pm MST
San Francisco, CA April 19, 2012 2:15-2:55 pm PDT

You want to physically inscribe, engrave, or actually create the image
during the window given above.  It works well to print out a paper
talisman during this time and I like to write my name or the name of
the person to be affected on it and add the goal.   Making a talisman
without timing its creation and then trying to consecrate it later
loses much of the power of the election.  However, if you have a
talisman that was properly timed in its making you can reconsecrate
and recharge using this election.

Make the talisman and then at least start your consecration ritual
during the window.  If you have to continue the ritual after the
window closes, that's ok!*

*Note from RO: I like to do the conjuration rite first, then put the talisman together under the auspice of the Spirit, and then finish the consecration, but putting the talisman together, then consecrating it works too. This election window is wide enough that you should be able to finish everything in the time allotted.


  1. This is absolutely fantastic.

    But it also gives the perfect opportunity to discuss what the difference is between an astrological talisman and a planetary talisman is. Is there actually a distinct difference?

    Because I would love to take advantage of this election date.

    One thing though, Chris Warnock himself mentions that if a person's natal Jupiter - or any planet for that matter - is strongly afflicted (Detriment, Fall, Retrograde if no essential dignities are present)... then it's not really advised to carry/use a Talisman of that planet because (to the best of my understanding).. you would be perhaps drawing on a negative expression of the planet. Or as he terms it, a possible "allergic reaction".

    Hmm. So Yeah, I don't know what to do. I've actually held off on working with a Jupiter cloth-bag talisman recently because I was too concerned about this. My own Jupiter is in Detriment!

  2. Hey, thanks RO for getting the word out! I'm sure Jupiter will appreciate it!

    Even though, my preference is to make the talisman, then consecrate it, I think invoking the spirit, then making the talisman, as Frater RO suggests, makes sense, too.

  3. @Elle, Chris also said on the list that some people with afflicted planets in their natal charts do just fine with a planetary talisman. He said if you try it and seem to be having undesired effects, to deconsecrate it by going through the consecration rite, thanking the spirit, and asking it to remove its influence from the physical talisman, then burning the talisman or placing it in running water.

    The nice thing about magic is that anything you screw up with magic, you can pretty easily fix with magic.

    IMO, the rewards of the talisman far outweigh the risks.

  4. The Universe conspired against me today. It gave me a day more associated with Mars than Jupiter. As a result I missed my windows for my area. Oh well, maybe next time. If I can just get out of the Mars funk.

  5. Deanna, mars went direct today, that's why.

    Also, the Jupiter elections are for April 19th, NEXT Thursday. You got plenty o' time. Christ is really good about getting this info out in time for people to prepare.

  6. Thanks RO, that is good news then. Not sure where I got the thought it was today. It has been a rough day, forgive me for the confusion.

  7. Well, I wound up using the morning election window to consecrate my ingredients for the talisman bag. I've got quite a lot of things to put in there, all of which spoke to me at various points since I found out about the election. Some of them come from Agrippa, and some from other sources, and some were things that seemed to want to come along for the ride. It was sort of cool and sort of freaky. As I was driving through town today, I thought, "hey, I wonder if there's anything else I need for the talisman, that I don't have yet. If there's anything at ISC (our local metaphysical shop), there should be a parking space in front.". Sure enough, there was! This is on a busy, busy street, and it has no business having empty parking spots. Turns out there were two small purple candles saying... use us to bring fire into the talisman.. Which was pretty cool. It's rather like the talisman bag is a skin, the stuff inside is the flesh and internal organs, and the fire and the ritual bring in the spirit of the talisman. I'm looking forward to this afternoon at around 2:00pm local time!


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