Sunday, June 10, 2012

If I posted...

If I posted the kind of blog posts I have time to finish these days, they would be like this:

Boundaries are good.

Exorcism is good. More people should exorcise and get exorcised. Cause there are GHOSTS fuckin' everywhere!!!


  1. I hear ya! Life's got me against the ropes, time-wise. I'm having a great time, mind you. Life's pretty juicy in all departments, but I have to keep things strictly prioritized to get the most important things done.

  2. My time commitments are starting to ease up a bit, due to the end of the school year and the gradual completing of end-of-year tasks like grading and comments. But, as I've said before, it usually only takes me getting a a little bit more busy than usual for the Chain of Manifestation to start dropping new ideas into my head like Angry Birds falling on green pigs...

  3. There are some days that blog posts like this are the only ones short enourgh for me to have time to read.

  4. There are ghosts everywhere, whatever has happened is still happening (a cause of ghosts), and all the world is alive. So can/should you exorcize the world? One view of Christianity would agree. But I am native, and it is not about exorcism, nor is it about deluding oneself into worship or fuzzy feelings. it is about living, aware, in a great Forest of Spirits of all temperaments and purposes..who is your ally and who your enemy...

  5. Why exorcise when you can put them to work? Even a ghost's gotta eat! ;) That's why they call em' "hungry ghosts".

    -Aghor Pir

  6. I agree about their being ghosts everywhere, but I actually recommend learning to live and work with rather than exorcise.

    Pacification by offerings wil take care of most problems. Growing in Spiritual power will take care of the rest. Occasionally exorcism is called for, but untimately we have to recognize ourselves as part of the world rather than try to increasingly isolate ourselves from it.


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