Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are You Illuminated?

I'll hold off on Enlightened because there's baggage that I'm not ready to claim that comes with that word. For today, we'll just talk about whether or not you're Illuminated.

Most of the readers of my blog know how the universe works. Ideas from the "ABOVE" are made to manifest into the material realm "BELOW" where they are experienced before they return to the Mind from whence they came. Magicians are the folks who Hermes has seen fit to grant the call of teh magicrafts to travel between the "ABOVE" and "BELOW" working with the entities that also use Jacob's Ladder to transit between the Earth and the Heavens. We're all manifestations of the divine, we are lower-case gods, we are beyond good and evil and what we do is right because we do it, right?

A few of the audience are still struggling with that last part, and I totally understand; it's not nice and it doesn't fit in with what we've been taught by our spiritual systems, and there's a whole LOT of room for misunderstanding and fucking shit up when you start tossing "good" and "evil" out the window. Yeah, "here there be dragons" and shit. Don't go there without plenty of light.

But for the most part, you guys understand that we human beings create our reality, we make what we see in our minds happen in our worlds' shared experiences. If you've done some practical magic that works, you know you're a creator god who has the power to shape your world as you see fit. At least some of the time.

But fuck. We don't act like it very often.

Part of that is because we're always learning how little we know. As we progress, we learn a lot, and then we see how much more there is to learn. We get humbled by this, and pay more attention to what we want to learn than what we already know, and that's awesome for learning new shit.

But what you already know is important too. It's ok to act like you really are illuminated, a powerful and wise spiritual leader. It's ok to behave as if you were really as empowered and experienced as you really are. It's ok to be an Illuminate.

Take a look at your actions, are they bringing you the world you want to live in?

Take a look at your desires, are they what you really want?

Take a look at the harmony of your desires and your actions in your life. Do you do things to get what you really want?

You know how this all works. You really do. Thought becomes word, becomes plan, becomes action, becomes experience, becomes memory, becomes resource for future plans and actions and experience, on and on and on, and you're the fuckin' boss.

It's ok to remember who you are, and what you're here to do. It's ok to be Illuminated.

When the light's flowing through you, you won't have to worry about the dragons, lurking in the dark.


  1. I'm like the idiot savant of being illuminated. I can do some stuff but not all the time and my memory sucks from bad acid trips. But I still try and try again to be who I truly am

  2. This is very timely. Now that I've sharpened my skills in ritual, I need to tie them back into my mundane actions and plans. It's easy to forget to bring the Work back down to earth - and to forget what we're capable of!

    I'll be referencing this post daily. Thanks for writing it.


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