Wednesday, April 03, 2013

On Working with a Seer

For the last few months, I've had the good fortune to Work with a Seer in my conjurations of the spirits. It has been a very different kind of experience, and I've enjoyed it immensely. I feel all John Dee going into the temple.

The seer I am working with is Harper Feist, author of the Adyton of Pythia blog, and my partner in crime. We have found that we work as well together as magical partners in the temple as we do practically in the rest of the home, which has been great. We were talking one afternoon, and thought it would be fun to do a series of blog posts about what it's like to Work together as a seer and a conjuror. One of the most frequent questions students of the Red Work series of courses ask about is seeing the spirits in the crystal, and in talking to Harper about this, I saw where I leave a lot out when I discuss the subject that she can put into words really well.

As we go along, I'll be talking about the preparations and conjurations we go through from my perspective, and she'll be going through the same from her perspective, and between the two of us, you'll have a glimpse into what it's like to Work together with the spirits. We'll be talking about our experiences and background leading up to working together, and how that changes when we combine our forces in the temple. She'll be talking more about the techniques she has developed and identified as being necessary in her role as Seer, and I'll be focusing more on the role of the conjuror when the spirits appear. We'll be discussing our experiences with gods, angels, archangels, and some of the more terrestrial spirits we've conjured over the last few months.

We haven't talked about a schedule for these things, but look for the label Seership on the posts to keep them all together.


  1. I'm currently in "hacking up pink stuff" mode myself but when I get over it I would love to hear her comments. It personally took me at least a year to tease out How To Do It, and I still suck compared to some of the natural seers I know who don't even have any magical training.

    Do you guys do any sort of validation of the visions? Throw around some tarot?

  2. I'm excited that you two are coming out with this work together, and not just because this will help me work out some of my issues around scrying.

    No, the (other) thing that I'm really excited about is that in magic and in design and in many other sorts of practice, the attention and intention of many hands and hearts and minds dedicated to the same work has a tendency to round off the rough edges, make the final product "more betterer" (as my grandmother used to say), and raise the power of the resulting/attached egregore...

    If the two of you are now working together on this great project, you're going to round off a lot of the rough corners of the Modern Angelic Grimoire. You're going to produce quality work together that's going to result in a better finished product. And you're going to ramp up the power of the egregore of the Red Work, so that it becomes Redder, and Work-ier. And that pleases me no end.

    What I wouldn't give to bring you two together with some of our colleagues in the Design Lab, and use some the design thinking processes on your work, to make it even Redder, and Work-ier. :-) I suppose, though, that's a kind of invitation, isn't it?


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