Friday, May 24, 2013

A Traditionalist's Take on the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals

Frater Ashen and Nephilim Press have announced that his book recording his Work with the Trithemian Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals is now available!

He went through the original text and carefully recreated the equipment required to specifications, and then performed the angelic conjurations. It's definitely an interesting read, and you should totally check it out if you've read my Modern Angelic Grimoire or Planetary Gates series. It shows another magician's take on a text that will be familiar to you, and how others interpret the work.

The meticulous work he puts into crafting his tools alone is worth the price of this book. I use an ebony wand he created for me, and it's got a really nice kick to it. Seeing the attention to detail he puts into his tools is inspiring.

I also liked seeing his descriptions of his experiences with the Archangels. He's the kind of magician who has to see the spirits in all their glory to feel like he's getting the results the grimoires promise. It's neat to see the parallels, the similarities, and the differences in how they manifest when we conjure them. It's definitely a good resource for magicians using this system.

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