Thursday, December 26, 2013

Take an Inventory

Hey there, you post-Christmas stoned folks! Hope your holidays were great and you're turning your attention to the coming year. For those of us who like to plan things out, this coming week is a great time to figure out where you are in life, where you want to be, and what it's going to take to get you there. It's a time to get your poop in a group, get rid of the shit you don't need, and make room for the shit you do need.

But first, you need to have an idea of what you've got already. Take some time this week to take an inventory of your life. List the resources you have at hand to make things happen the way you want. Take a look at your budget, your income, expenses, responsibilities and luxuries. Take a look at your bank records and see what you've spent your money on for the last three months.

Don't stop there!

How's your health? Can you touch your toes and your nose without falling over backwards? (Christmas morning, I could ot, but there was alcohol involved.) Look in your fridge and cabinets. What kind of foods do you eat? Lots of processed stuff, or natural living things? How are your walking shoes? Worn out and in need of repair? Completely unused and in need of dusting?

How about your personal Work? Do you know who you are? Why you're here? What you want to do with your life? Have you taken a look at yourself?

Try putting together a timeline of your life. List the things you've done, the roles you've had. Start as early or late as you'd like, in the last year, or going back to your child hood. Whatever. It's your list, your life, your choice. But take a look at the things you've done, make a list of your skills, your experiences. Score the things you've done on a joyfulness scale. What things have you done that made you the most happy in your life? What things suck the worst?

List your stressors. Everything that makes you feel like shit.

List your sources of Joy. Everything that makes you smile.

List your goals, your dreams, your desires.

Spend a couple days on it, think about it, come back to it tomorrow and see what you think. You'll be in a position to start looking at your plans for the new year in more detail. You'll be able to identify things to create, and things to destroy. You'll be ready to jump in and get started.

And we'll talk about what that means next.

Joy to you and yours!

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