Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seven Spheres Course 1 Re-do

Hey Y'all!

So last weekend I tried to cram about 6 hours of awesome into about an hour and a half.

Shockingly, I failed.


But I, like any awesome magician, learned from my mistakes and am rescheduling things appropriately. Instead of ONE lesson with three HUGE topics to cover, I'm making it into two, because fuck you, 10 pound bag, I'll shove 12.5 pounds of shit into you anyway.

So for those who caught the "How the courses will work with Boring Tech Writer Consistency" and "Everything I've Ever Said Before about Hermetic Cosmologies for Fun and Profit," you'll have a chance to hear these two things AGAIN this afternoon at 12:00 pm Central.

Er, yeah, today.

AND all you folks who I forgot to send the email to with the time and dates, this is your chance to catch up too! I think I got it out to everyone about ten minutes ago.

BUT WAIT! There's more!

I didn't even make it to the conjuration rite of the Seven Spheres Course I had wanted to cover last week. So we'll have ANOTHER presentation to cover that at 6:00 PM Central. You should have a link in your email to the course.

And then we'll do Jupiter is Awesome on like, Tuesday night or Wednesday night or something. Probably in the afternoon or evening.

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