Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ahhh, love...

Well, tis the season for hot Venus lovin'!

Valentine's day is coming up, and it's the time of year when we turn our attentions to the sweeter aspects of life: romance, chocolates, flowers, and the aesthetics of beauty and of Love.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I'm offering $70 off the Venus talismans from the Key of Solomon. Their descriptions and sample methods of use are provided below.

You must purchase them using the Buy Now button below in this blog post to get the discount.

Quantities are limited. I'm offering only seven Graceful Desires pentacles and seven Come to Me pentacles at this discounted price.

Note that it is highly unlikely that you will get these in time for Valentine's Day, since I am posting so closely to the date. However, even if you did, like all magic, these would take time to work. Usually... Some people report results as soon as they place the order, but they might be suffering from confirmation bias. I don't argue with them, but I don't tell people to expect that kind of thing to happen every time. Most of the time it takes a couple weeks after doing the rite to see the results.

Ok, so here's the purchase button to use to get the discount:

(Nota Bene: I'm not updating the price on my KoS pentacles page, so if you buy them from that page you won't get the discount. Ain't nobody got time updating codes and forgetting to update them back later. Use this button or pay more money.)

Sold Out

And here's the descriptions of the talismans, and the "how to use them" follows that:

Pentacles of Venus:

2nd Pentacle of Venus: Graceful DesiresShown to the right, it is the one I am selling for wealth and prosperity for folks with Jupiter issues in their natal charts. Description from the KoS: These pentacles are also proper for obtaining grace and honor, and for all things which belong unto Venus, and for accomplishing all thy desires herein.

4th Pentacle of Venus: Come to Me - Not shown, but really beautiful. This one I won't make for just anyone, so far I've only made it for a root worker who convinced me she won't abuse it TOO much, without good cause... like making a decent profit. Description from the KoS: It is of great power, since it compels the spirits of Venus to obey, and to force on the instant any person thou wishest to come unto thee.

Using the Talismans

I've developed a couple methods of working with the 4th Pentacle of Venus (Come to Me!) talismans, mostly because these are selling more than any others, of freaking course.

Method 1 is pretty simple, Method 2 is a little more Hermetic-Magic-ey.

Method 1:

Take a picture of the person you want to come to you, and place it on a table. Place the talisman over the image, with the 4th pentacle side (with the square design on it) facing up. Light seven green candles in a circle around the talisman and photo, and speak the names of the spirits (Achelia, Nogaliel, Nangariel, and Jocodia), and say “By your names and the seals of these Pentacles, I call you. Receive this offering of fire, and bring to me [Name of person], draw (her/him) to me, bring them to me in love and desire, let them have no rest until they contact me, bring them to me now.” Picture the person you want the whole time you’re saying this. Let the candles burn all the way out, if possible (I use tea-lite sized candles for this kind of thing because they burn out in a relatively short period of time). This method can take a couple of weeks to get the result. If you don’t have the result in a couple of weeks, do it again.

Method 2:

Set up an altar with the picture of the person you want to come to you, the pentacle, one tall white candle, one shorter green candle, a glass of sweet, heavy, rich wine of your most romantic preference, a scrying device, and a table of practice (see the Modern Angelic Grimoire on my site for an example). Get some sweet smelling incense, and have it and a lighter prepared on the altar. 

Take a long hot shower or bath and get yourself completely clean. As you are cleaning yourself, recite the following prayer in Latin or English:

Adonai! Asperges me hyssopo et mundabor! (LORD! You will sprinkle me with hyssop and I will be cleansed!)

Dress in some plain white or plain black clothes. A robe would be ideal, but whatever you have is fine. Dress nicely and simply.

Anoint your head with some Abramelin oil, and say: 

Hear me and make every spirit obedient unto me
So that every spirit of the firmament and of the aethyrs,
Upon the Earth and under the Earth,
Of dry land and in the water,
Of whirling air and rushing fire
And every spell and scourge of God may be obedient unto me!

Trace a circle clockwise around your room using a wand or dagger, beginning in the East. As you do, say, “I consecrate this ground for my defense.”

Light the white candle, and say, “First Father, Source and essence of all that I am, I call upon you to enlighten these works.”

Touch your scrying device (crystal ball, glass of water, etc.) with the wand/dagger and say, “Thou inanimate creature, be thou blessed and consecrated, that no evil spirit may appear within you, or if they do, that they be constrained to speak intelligibly and clearly.”

Take the pentacle in your left hand and say, “Achelia, Nogaliel, Nangariel, and Jocodia, thou spirits of Venus, I conjure thee to appear before me. Receive this offering and be now present in this crystal. By your names and by the seals upon this pentacle do I conjure thee. Come now from wherever you may be, and hear my words:

“I charge you to bring to me [person’s name], pictured here. Bring them to me, draw them to me, make them mine until such time as I have fulfilled my desires with them.

“Receive this offering of Fire (light the green candle) and of wine (drink the wine, leaving a little in the bottom of the glass), and use the fortifying sustenance to bring [name of person] to me, immediately immediately immediately!”

Address the photo of the person:
“[Person’s name], I call you to me. Come to me and be mine. Hoc est enim os de ossibus et caro de carne mea, erunt dua in carne mea!”

Address the gathered spirits:

“Thou spirits who have attended, I thank you for your presence and your attention. I charge you now, receive these offerings in gladness and attend to my desires.
“As you have come in peace, go forth now in power to accomplish my Will.”

Wait a minute or two, and then put out the tall white candle. Let the green one burn out completely, if you can do so safely. If you can’t let it burn out all at once without starting a fire, burn it whenever you can keep an eye on it until it is gone.

After the rite, have something to eat, like an apple with bread and cheese. Something tasty and smooth that will bring you back to Earth.

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