Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Solomonic Magic Conference this Saturday

From www.Esotericarchives.com
This Saturday, come to Leaping Laughter Lodge to see Joseph Peterson, Scott Stenwick, and yours truly speaking on our favorite aspects of Solomonic Magic. Joseph will be speaking on the History of Goetia, Scott will be speaking on his latest explorations of Enochian Magic, and I'll be presenting on the practical application of grimoire magic in your daily life.

I believe Joseph and Scott will be bringing copies of their latest books to sign and sell, and I know I will.

The event will be eld at Leaping Laughter Lodge, 3107 California Street NE, Minneapolis MN 55418. It begins at 1:00 p.m. central with Scott Stenwick's presentation on Enochian Magic. I'll be following his talk around 2:30, and for the grand finale, Joseph will begin around 4:00. We're each planning on speaking an hour or so, with time left over for questions and answers.

So, chances are good thast you're aware I've been referring to Joseph Peterson's web site, www.Esotericarchives.com for years. Everything I teach is based on the materials he offers for free. I found Art of Drawing Spritis into Crystals there, and that's become the foundational conjruation approach I use for everything. He's got the Lemegeton, the Greater Key, every grimore you could ask for, and notes on the various manuscripts they are based on. He's got copies of Iamblichus, writings of Dionysius the Areopagite, and nearly everything Agrippa ever wrote or was attributed to him. It is the very best place on the web to go for actual solomonic scholarship, and Joseph Peterson is the foremost authority on Solomonic magic I know.

I mean, guys, everything I got into in Hermetics is at Joseph's site, and I'm secretly giddy with fanboy joy that I finally get to meet him and present with him in public. So honored!

Snacks will be available, and of course wine for those over 21. We're asking for a minimum $10 donation, unless you're a dues current lodge member. I personally argued that we should be charging $45, at LEAST to get in, but I was outvoted.

So, $10 "suggested donation" it is, and I will not tell you what I think about you if that's all you'd pay for something this awesome.

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