Wednesday, July 22, 2015

After the Stone... Projection

I'm entering a new phase of my Work, these days, and I'm pretty excited about it. I want to pursue some things Sef and Chris Bradford and a few other Gents had discussed back in the day under a whole new skin.

When I started "Head for the Red," it was entirely about my pursuit of the accomplishment of the Great Work. I researched the practices of magicians throughout the aeons, found a really convenient way to contact the spirits, conjured them, and performed the Work. I "created the philosophers stone" about three years ago, and have been working on figuring out the best ways to grind it and project it into the world as the universal panacea.

In addition, as many of you know, I joined the A∴A∴ and the OTO a couple of years ago, and it's shifted the focus of a lot of my Work. I'm still
conjuring from the grimoires regularly, and maintaining my relationships with the spirits, but I've also found a framework for the things revealed to me in the 8th Sphere.

I realized a lot of things when I hit the 8th, and I want to pursue those things more hard core in my public life than I have been here lately. There's an aspect of the Work that applies to every man, woman, and child upon the face of the Earth that doesn't have any press right now, and it needs it. Badly.

The Seven Spheres are just the beginning. There's more, baby, so much more.

And the A∴A∴ and OTO stuff is also pretty cool, but I haven't felt nearly as comfortable about posting my experiences in the Thelemic systems here because so many of my readers are not in that particular current, and I don't want to come off like I'm proselytizing Thelema or anything. We got together over a lot of bitterness based on my experiences with the Golden Dawn, and I respect that a sizable base of my readers aren't interested in lodgy-type things.

So going forward, I'm going to be splitting my interests between this and a couple other blogs. Over time, I'll see where I end up, but right now I'm going to keep maintaining this site, posting about awesome magical things in the traditional Hermetic current, and things of that nature.

I'm also going to be taking my 8th Sphere revelations to the Work of Kings blog. That's where I'll be getting into the Applied Hermetics stuff we had talked about years ago. It's about fucking time.

Aaaaaand, I've got a lot of stuff to talk about that is primarily of interest to folks in the OTO and the A∴A∴, which will take place on my Horns of Cerastes blog. I'll ventilize, I'll advertise, I'll theorize, and I'll proselytize.

Oh yea, I'm also getting a new web site. Because it's just that time again.

Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a wild ride.

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