Friday, March 04, 2016

"RO, what happened to your ebooks and classes?"

I've been getting this question a lot lately, so I'll address it publicly.

I don't sell them anymore.

I joined the A.'.A.'. a couple of years ago, and as I went through the actual Work involved and earned the degree of Neophyte, I came to realize that I was charging money for A.'.A.'. teachings, or rather, things that you learn in the A.'.A.'. as you do the Work.

But the things in my courses and ebooks are incomplete, and lack a context that adds to the overall experience of the Work, it turns out. I didn't have a problem charging for that information when it was my hard-won knowledge that I deduced by conjuring spirits and performing the Great Work. I sweat it out in hard labor, and figured my experiences were worth money, and if you wanted to do it yourself, go to like I did and figure it out.

But as I progressed through the Work of the Student, Probationer, and Neophyte, I've come to appreciate that I was doing it the hard way before, and the "pioneer" approach left a lot to be desired. Having the things I was teaching others in intense outpourings presented to me moderately in the context of actual spiritual practices changed my opinion.

And the A.'.A.'. stuff is free. Charging for an incomplete system that doesn't give you as much as a free system in Applied Hermetics felt ... skeevy.

Also, there's a thing about Rosicrucianism being about healing the sick, and that gratis that applies.

So, if you can get your hands on copies of my old stuff on the interwebs for free, go for it, but know it's not as good as the A.'.A.'. stuff you can get for free. The A.'.A.'. stuff is harder, in some ways, but it's a lot more complete.

It's not for everyone, of course, and there are built in spiritual ordeals that every Student, Probationer, and Neophyte must face (probably the rest too, but I can't speak to that yet) and overcome. But it presents things in a way that make sense, and lead you from understanding to understanding, while giving you practical methods of integrating the forces you're tapping into along the way.

If you think you can handle it, the A.'.A.'. group I affiliate with can be found at There are others, but imo, this is the group that makes the most sense.

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