Thursday, November 10, 2016

Offense and Defense in Post-Trump America

Wow, what a week, eh? I'd like to be on record as saying, "That was total bullshit, man."



Ok. That's mostly out of my system, but I'll probably be saying that again. Often.

Already my friends and colleagues in the occult community are facing piles of steaming feces. One woman magician living in a very blue state, in a very liberal town, had this happen:
"Yesterday in broad daylight a total stranger, a man, came up to me and told me that he could do anything he wanted to me because "Donald Trump baby" and as I walked away said "What the hell lady, you aren't anything special."
That's bullshit.

Lesbians, gays, the trans community, women, and people of color and alternate religions are feeling at risk after this election. Powerless. As if the support they felt they had last week disappeared.

It has not.

We are still with you. Most of America supports gay marriage, most of America believes Black Lives Matter, most of America still thinks your gender and your sexual proclivities are your business. We still live in the country we lived in last week.

We just learned, as Harper put it, that Boss Hog lives next door, and we never realized it until he burned down the fence.

So what do we do?

REMEMBER: You have the rights and privileges to being treated decently that you had a week ago. The laws haven't changed. The courts haven't changed. The business policies haven't changed.

1) File charges. Assault, harrassment, whatever you can think of. Put it in writing, make it a federal case. Demonstrate that you aren't going to put up with that shit. Call the cops if someone threatens you. Press charges. Don't back down.

2) Pepper spray in self defense. Make them suffer. The cost of pepper spray did not increase as a result of the election yet. Go get some. Use it. Make a stink out of inappropriate interactions. Defend the rights you've achieved.

3) Magick:

Magick has always been the resort of the oppressed. The Goetia, arguably, is the non-freeman's access point to the education we were denied by society. It is the equalizer. It is the invocation of the invisible powers of creation and maintenance of the universe we experience to protect us and to provide the privilege society would deny us.

First thing: Next Tuesday at dawn, or in a Mars Hour, make yourself the "Sixth Pentacle of Mars." Draw the seal in red ink on some virgin parchment, and on the back put the First Pentacle of Mars, the one with Gheuriel, Ifiel, Barchafiel, and Madimiel on it. These are the four spirits (in my understanding of this stuff) that will actively work to achieve the intent of the Sixth Pentacle on your behalf. Light some incense and a candle in front of it, offer a shot of whiskey to it once a week, and tell them to continue your defense. If you want a metal engraved version of this, properly consecrated, I'll be making them next week.

Next: Start doing Jupiter rites. Conjure the spirits of Jupiter at least once a month on Thursdays, and request Health and Wealth, and the Favor of those in positions of authority over you. Pay attention to opportunities afterwards, and use your resources. People will like you, and they won't even stop to consider why they like you. They will listen, and your influence will just grow, naturally. You'll find yourself in a position of authority, you'll be respected, and you'll be able to help others.

Then: Keep doing the Great Work. Make yourself better. Talk to your allies. Get better tools. Develop a cadre of invisible friends that give you the tools to change the world as you see fit. Jupiter spirits for wealth and prosperity and the favor of kings, Martial spirits for defense and offense, Venus spirits for love, harmony, and the community of support you need. Mercury spirits to break through obstacles and bring you transactional forutnes, Solar spirits to purify yourself and the world you live in. Saturn spirits to build your foundation, guard your borders, and rain death down upon your enemies. Lunar spirits to look good doing it.

It's Work, it's a process, but stake out the ground we've claimed, and don't let them take it away. We'll have to be more vocal, more adamant, we'll have to write letters to representatives, protest, fight, and make a stink of things in the streets, in the office, at the coffee shops and fast food restaurants. We'll have to call the cops, call H.R., deal with the backlash against us, and keep on making strides towards liberty and justice. We'll have to drag all the scared disenfranchised mouth-breathers with us into the bright future kicking and screaming until they learn that equality and respect works out for them personally much better than their mental and financial impoverishment ever did.

Same as last week, but more apparent.

But remember:

We got this.

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  1. Let karma decide their fate why are you so brainwashed believe in mankind's lies greed and propaganda as they say money is the root of evil but we all know it's the person or the individual who decides their fate. We all have been lied to from the day we were born the earth is alive and well it's a living entity.politics governments are all run by mankind we will never know who truly runs the gears in any of these governments to them we are only peas in a pod nothing but numbers that are replaceable


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