Saturday, September 30, 2017

Holy Crap. The Air Force Rocks.

Browsing the news feed, I found Lt. General Jay B. Silveria's recent response to racist comments written on the doors of black human beings in the Air Force Academy's prep school. Dude has some powerful things to say, and they are simple.

Watch it, it's great.

But guys, this is not just a speech. This is a sermon. And I find in his words the current, the power, the force that I tap into to accomplish my great work on the daily. He's talking about something that matters. He's talking about it in the context of his institution. He's speaking from moral outrage. He's speaking from the heart about how his community, his tribe is behaving. He's talking about doing better, being better, or gtfo.

And guys, this is what I think we're all about in this Rosicrucian Hermetic Great Work schtick. this planet, this shared space we all inhabit, this is our "institution." We are the leaders, the members, the followers that make up humanity. We are the people that create and experience this world. We are the owners of this existence. It's ours.

And we have a better idea. Those of us into this thing. Our idea is better, because it is compassionate. It is clear. It is fair. It is cool, for us, for our partners and allies, and for our children. This idea is that we are something divine, who have taken on the form of mortal humanity, and that each of us is worthy of respect, no matter where that person is at in their path, no matter how stupid they might be in this incarnation, no matter how bad their decisions might be, compassion, illumination, enlightenment itself is not about being good, feeling good, or doing good.

Dude nailed it. Right on the head.

If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then get out.

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  1. LMAO embarrassing that you fell for this utterly obvious hate hoax.

    You wrote all that sentimental dreck for nothing, didn't you?


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