Friday, July 25, 2008

Crystal Skull 1 - Roughly Finished


The best camera in the house is my daughter's cell phone camera at 2.0 megapix. And she's twelve. But hey, I gots pictures! I ain't complaining!

For size comparison, that is a twelve-year-old girl's hand holding the crystal above a hardwood floor. The wood planks are about two inches wide, if that helps. It's rather ... smallish.

My spouse said it was "cute."

Nevertheless!!! It's awesome. I had worked after conjuring my Agatha Daimon and the Goetic spirit Bune. I was tingling from the whole experience, physically, and spiritually.

Quartz has some pretty cool occult properties on its own. Carving quartz is delicate work, it cracks and shatters. That's partially why it turned out so small. It's my first effort, and I learned a lot.

The heat from grinding it down was all focused at the tip of the crystal point, while it had one. I also dowsed it using a pendulum before carving it, and I'll be dowsing it when it's all the way finished too. It still needs more polishing, and the "mask" needs more work.

The mask, by the way, is a reference to the Aztec God of Sorcerors, Tezcatlipoca. I remember it by repeating Tez-Cat-Lip-Polka. His name translates as "Smoking Mirror," and he was the god they would work with to perform scrying acts in their obsidian mirrors. The god was often depicted either wearing the mirror, or having it for a foot. He had lost the foot luring the crocodile from the waters that he and Qetzelcoatl made the land out of in some of the Aztec creation myths.

The mirror used by John Dee was one of these Aztec Mirrors made out of Obsidian and brought from the New World. Chances are pretty good that it was at one time used by someone of high importance under the auspices of Tezcatlipoca.

So, we've got a nod to the god of scrying from the Aztec cosmology. Why? Because. The Google expedition on crystal skulls in general lead me to very specific skulls that were masks of Tezcatlipoca. I also got engrossed in Aztec creation myths, and I read most of the Popul Vu codex. Comparative theology never ceases to entertain me.

Since beginning to carve the skull, it has appeared unasked for in a visit to my astral temple, sort of like Bune was just there one day after I put my spirit pot together for him. I'm not surprised, as Bune has worked on this skull with me, laying down a communications network for the spirits of the dead. My Agatha Daimon was also on hand to imbue it with pure Divine Light, so it's more likely to draw whomever uses it towards God rather than away.

I'm going to keep this for a while and play with it, see what comes out of my Work with it. I performed some basic psychometry on the crystals before choosing them, and found the ones that would be the best candidates based on their "vibe." I'll be testing them again, and maybe even writing up some of the Great Work lessons I learned from grinding the skull itself. Shaping a brittle crystalline matrix using a rotary tool and diamond bits requires a finesse and a strength combined that is hard to explain off the top of my head.

Sorry if I'm all over the map on this post, I'm kind of excited.


  1. Whoah, Dee's Shewstone came from the New World? How do you know this bit of data, frater mi?

  2. Dude, EVERYONE knows that...

    I mean...

    I'll get some source material. :)

  3. Dee's Mirror:


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