Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crystal Skulls

So, a couple of days ago I was sitting here in my computer chair, where I spend most days, and for some reason, I found myself thinking about Crystal Skulls.

I saw a special on Crystal Skulls on the History channel, or Discovery, or something like that a few months ago. I suppose it was timed to coincide with the latest Indiana Jones film, which I haven't seen. What I remembered specifically was that the skulls were most likely created in the 1800s using modern tools according to modern forensics, and that regardless of the origin, people report having strange experiences around the crystal skulls.

I had a lot of experience with the New Age movement in my youth. I owned Melody's Love is in the Earth book. I read her description of every rock my local store had in stock. I had some pretty fantastic experience playing with the "energy" of the stones. So I know that Quartz crystal acts as an amplifier of whatever energies it comes in contact with, and that there is something to the whole crystal movement.

I also understand the way the human mind guides spiritual interactions through the use of symbols. I don't prescribe to the information or psychological models that try to explain magic in terms of pure human mind, but the tool of the magician is the symbol. I know the skull is a powerful image in anyone's mind, and that it has all kinds of associations that would result in a crystal carved into that shape attracting specific spirits. These spirits would be affecting people in exactly the ways that crop up in the reports of strange phenomenon surrounding the crystal skulls.

So I have this dremel tool. It's modern technology at its finest. If a crystal carved in the 1800s as a fraudulent antiquity can accidentally result in spiritual experiences, then what would a crystal skull carved by a magician under the auspices of a particular spirit be capable of?

So I popped over to the local occult store and bought three pieces of Quartz. Two were mostly-clear points, about two inches long by an inch and a half wide. The third is rose quartz.

So what I'm doing is carving these pieces of quartz into skulls. I'm no great artist, and this is my first attempt, so it's a bit rudimentary. It makes the point though.

The point to these crystals is to make it easier for the owner to contact the spirits of the dead. I figure it will be useful to necromancers and mediums. As I begin each carving session, I conjure Bune to imbue the stone with his powers of making spirits appear. Things are progressing nicely so far. I haven't had any weird results yet, but the thing isn't finished either.

Here's a crappy picture of where I'm at so far. As you can see, the crystal point is still attached, and the skull is only roughed out. I'm considering leaving it as is, and just polishing the crap out of it until it shines like the top of the Empire State Building. (Yes, I just made a Little Orphan Annie reference.)

When it's ready, I'll be selling these little babies on my Products and Services page at my web site.

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  1. This is an amazing idea. I too have a dremel tool. I was thinking, as I read your article at about the 2nd paragraph "I could carve some crystal skulls". Lo and behold, you'd already thought of it.

    It does sound kind of like fun, though. We have a really good rock shop here in Madison, I should go over there and see what quartz runs...

  2. Dremel is one of the more pure manifestations of God I've found in the material realm. They've got tips for every occasion. No magician (or Gnostic Priest) should be without one.


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