Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tezcatlipoca and Dee's Aztec Mirror

Mr. Doctor Professor Patrick (OMG, total Spongebob moment... hang on... whew, ok...) Brought up a question on the previous blog that ought to be further expounded upon.

Dee's Aztec Obsidian Mirror came to Europe between 1527 and 1530, according to the British Museum's notes on his magic mirror.

I don't know if he ever used it in scrying the Enochian stuff, but he did use it for scrying some things.

So, Tezcatlipoca...

He's been popping up across my searches, weaving his smoke and mirrored way into my reality. I just sort of felt lead to put the mask on the skull, and it looks nice.

Tezcatlipoca, among other things, is the God of the night. He appeared in the form of a jaguar in many tales (get it, jaguar tales... tails...), and did other cool stuff that I can't remember. It's a cop out, I know, but Wikipedia's got a big article on him here, and I'm exhausted from putting together my garage today. Pulled all the accumulated crap out, and then neatly put it back in after sweeping. It doesn't SOUND like an 8-hour job, but it was.

The Garage, with all its cool space and alchemistical stuff is now officially "The Lab." I may be running local workshops on making talismans out of copper and tin. Eventually.

Anyway, I'm tarred (that's "tired" for the yankees). So no more typey.

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