Friday, July 04, 2008

Goetic Conjurors

I'm planning a blog that has many authors. If you've ever conjured a goetic spirit, I'd like you to write your experience. I don't care if you follow the spirit model, the postmodern model, an atheistic or psychological model. I don't care if you're a Christian Conjuror, a Chaos Magician, a Wiccan, or a Sorceror. All I ask is that you have conjured a spirit and can explain how it went to people. I can help edit if you need it.

The goal is to create a single place where people can compare working magicians' styles, practices, and results. I personally think we'll end up with similar conclusions about how they work and what their capabilities are, but I'm sure everything else will be different.

I'm thinking short posts that can be read in a few minutes. I'd like to see in each article the following touched on briefly:

  • Initiation - What started this specific conjruation? Why did you conjure this spirit?
  • Planning - What did you do to prepare for the rite? What circles did you use, what incenses, offerings, candles, colors, etc. went into preparing for the rite?
  • Execution - When and where did you perform the rite? What did you do in the rite? What did the spirit say, or what did you feel, or see, or smell?
  • Monitoring - What were the results after you did the rite? How did they manifest?
  • Closing/Lessons Learned - How did it all work out when you considered the ritual fulfilled? What were the lessons you took away from this rite, and how will they affect your future spirit conjuration projects?

Can you tell I'm a PMBOK-trained Technical Writer?

If you're interested in contributing, email me.

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