Sunday, July 20, 2008

Enduring unto the end...

I just left one of my online message groups today. I had joined because someone invited me there, and it was a Rosicrucian forum so it looked interesting. I've been reading about alchemy to get ready for this upcoming series of blog posts I'm noodling over, and I thought I might get some insight into some symbols or something.

Man, what a let down. A couple days into it, I had received about twenty or so posts about the nature of Will. Great topic, wonderful exchange of ideas and opinions and theories, and all that. These people were smart, witty, and nice.

But I'm so bored with that kind of talk. I mean, this is stuff that we went over in like metaphysical kindergarten. I'm at a point now where everyone is saying the same things I've already seen other people say before. Sometimes they've been said better, other times they've been said worse. It doesn't matter much to me, I'm bored either way.

I'm a little concerned. This is the stuff that I thought would be passionately interesting. I'm finding out that no one's got anything to say that Solomon didn't already say in Ecclesiastes. I used to think that if more people did magic, I'd have more to talk to about stuff. I'm finding out that isn't true.

Caring less and less about more and more. That's what seems to be happening as I continue in my work. I'm thinking I must be going through either a stagnation or putrification phase. If so, the solution to the problem would be steady and progressive addition of Mercury, Air, and whatever other alchemical symbols for that might be.

What gets me about all this is the damn time it takes. 30 weeks for the Stone, if you use lead and don't mind poisoning yourself and everyone you "project" onto later. Just "Putrification" can take 6-12 weeks. Dissolving faesces, recondensing, blah blah blah.

Oh well. Perdurabo, as they say. There's nothing more important to do with life, after all. The trick is to keep the heat steady.