Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bune Update

As I mentioned in the Crystal Skull post, I've been Working with Bune on making the carved skull into a tool to aid in speaking with the spirits of the dead in general.

In addition, I changed out the stuff inside the pot. It's been over a year since I last did that, and the raisins and dates were mostly turned to dust. I took out some sweet grass I had put in, and I removed about a thousand little steel BBs. I have no idea why I put them in in the first place, maybe something to do with them being brass-colored or something, but in retrospect it was pretty stupid. Iron is anathema to the spirits of the Goetia.

So now my Pot contains the following:
  • Dirt and rocks from the local branch of my bank
  • Four Herkimer Diamonds
  • One Orgone Generator
  • Lignum Aloes
  • Decayed bio-matter from various raisins and dates mixed in with the dust
  • Mistletoe (Venusian Herb)
  • Vervaine (Venusian Herb)
  • Coltsfoot (Venusian Herb)
  • Three Rosehips (Venusian Herb)
  • Myrtle (Venusian Herb)
  • Three pinches of Abramelin Incense (Traditional from Soma Luna; It has Cinnamon in it, an herb of Venus, and he always likes it)
Now, it took me a couple of weeks to research these herbs and ingredients, track them down, order them and then have them get here. I bought a stone mortar and pestle to grind up the herbs together. On the day of the changing of the herbs, I cleansed the old stuff, picked out the uck, and re-interred everything.

During the time I was working on gathering and researching Venusian herbs, and then after I had ground up all the herbs together and placed them next to me in the pot, I noticed some results.

I attribute these generally passive results to just working with the herbs of the planet in a magical capacity. I don't attribute it to Bune specifically.

Regarding Bune, he seemed pretty happy with the changes. Less than a week later, I received a job opportunity through email that could result in a doubling of my income for at least three months. One cannot beat that with the proverbial stick.

Assuming all goes well with the interview (the first two interviews have gone swimmingly), I've just got to point out that even in the midst of a really bad financial time with Jupiter in Capricorn, here I am making a fortune. If I land the job and everything goes well, it will be a couple of weeks to a month before the income actually doubles. Maybe that's part of waiting for the expansion in measured steps that the Jup-Cap placement requires, but it's also how things manifested when Jupiter was in Sag.

So I'm more convinced than ever that the astrological timing doesn't apply to the spirits of the Goetia. They are sub-lunar in my cosmology, and this result seems to reinforce that. A friend's HGA told him specifically to ignore the astrological timing when working with Bune, so this kind of confirms that.

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