Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Spirit Pot for a Duke of the Goetia

After years of having people ask me where to find similar pots to the one I used with Bune, I've decided to put together a basic "kit" to build your own spirit pot. I found a brass hinged potpourri holder at a second hand store, and I'm engraving it with the appropriate language to make it a Brass Vessel.

I've also gathered the herbs together that one would put inside the pot for a Duke.

I'm creating a silver Pentacle of Solomon, and a copper blank suitable for a Duke's Seal. If someone has a specific Duke they want to work with in mind, I'll engrave the seal on the blank for them with my dremel tool, or they can engrave it themselves.

I'm thinking of offering this kit on eBay. I'm not sure how interested people would be in it. The silver seal alone should probably go for at least $50, even though it's not fine craftsman quality. I melted it myself and hammered it into a piece large enough...

Anyway, I've got some other ideas I may have to implement on that front. It's over an ounce of 99.999% pure silver, and it's going to have a few hours worth of work done on it before I'm finished.

If this blog post generates enough interest, I'll go ahead and offer the kit on eBay, and the highest bidder can have it. I'm open to suggestions on what the starting price should be. Email your questions or comments by clicking this link, or just comment below.

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  1. I bought a flat silver 3"x3" square, snipped and shaped it with the grinder. I think it came out as a nice silver disk with a little fob on the end to hold the jump ring. The silver alone was $50 bucks. I got the last one at that price as they only had one in stock. I think it jumped to $55 or $60.

    Fr. POS


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