Friday, November 14, 2008

Enochian Magic(k)

When we heard DuQuette's Enochian Vision Magick was out, Fr. POS and I decided to work on it at the same time, so we could compare notes. He and his gal have done some neat work on the Tablet of Nalvage. I mean, really neat. The letters are all carved by hand. Look at them. That's really good work.

So now I have to catch up. I got started on the Ring of of Solomon yesterday. Soror Gal gave me some pointers on how she made her rings out of Sculpey. I followed most of her advice, but I made my ring in two parts, and then when it was finished baking, I filed one side down of the ring part until it was flat. After gold-leafing it (and gluing the ring part back together where it broke because I was using "Ultra Light" Sculpey), I glued the square to the ring using wood glue.

It's not the most sturdy thing, but it will do until the paychecks start rolling in and I can buy some real equipment for making magical talismans out of the proper ingredients. I may not be Wade Coleman, or at least not for a while, but I'll be getting the stuff to do the work he does. Maybe "Ugly Works" won't have to be my motto for much longer.

Anyway, I've got two pounds of beeswax and a nine-inch pie pan. I'm going to see how thick one pound is, and I hope I'll have enough for both the Tablet of Nalvage and the Sigilum Dei Aemyth (SDA). Or however you spell it. I'm thinking of making the Tablet of Nalvage smaller if necessary. Nine inches of wax is cool for the SDA, but I'm only making a 12"X12" table, I hope.

While I really love DuQuette's book, I'd rather use an SDA from an older manuscript. They're much easier to draw. I don't think Fr. POS would let me get away with that though. It would throw off our ability to compare notes as we go along.

One nice thing about doing Work with other magicians is that you are kept to a particular standard. He and Soror Gal have set the standard pretty high with their meticulous recreation of the Tablet of Nalvage. I don't want to learn the Enochian Alphabet. It's graceful, and I can barely print legibly. But I will, for the sake of SCIENCE!!! Or at least for the sake of having something comparable to their excellent work.


  1. I thought the Ring of Solomon was just a round brass or iron ring with Michael and Anaphexaton around the outside and Tetragrammaton around the inside against your finger [], that ring looks like a signet of the Seal of Solomon that goes on the stopper of the Brass Vessel?

  2. Mike,

    Dee received a different Ring of Solomon. I mean, obviously none of the "Rings of Solomon" were written in Latin characters.

    You're talking about the Ring of Solomon from the Lemegeton's Goetia, right? I have one of those too, but mine's made out of lead.

    This is a different recipe, and it's the first time I've made it, so I'm not in a position to do more than point you to DuQuette.


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