Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some lame-ass bullsh**

For serious. Joe thanked me on his blog. I sent him less than 3% of what I make in a week, and he's the one that has to go to prison to help people.

I don't care what you people believe, whether you're Christian, Pagan, Atheist, or Buddhist. You're a human, and so are they. Help. Contact Joe to get info on helping his prison ministry a bit. Do something for someone else.

Joe says I gave him the most he's gotten from outside the ministry.
That's some sorry-ass bullshit. Take a buck or five out and mail it to Joe.

This is like the most basic money magic on the planet. You want to make some quick money? Give a little away to a good cause. It ain't rocket science. You plant a seed, it grows the fruit it came from. The basic formula of magic, take a symbol and do something symbolic with it. Fuckin' shit, man. Give some money away, and wow, it comes right back to you with interest.

I get a couple hundred people a day through here. Most of you are rich Americans. (No, not me, you say. I've got car payments, or tuition, or books to buy. Bullshit, you've got more money in your COUCH than some of the folks that email me from Brazil. Hell, you have a couch!)

Each of you take a sec and go through your change cup. You've got enough in your car to make a donation that would get those prisoners a smoke, a book, or something that reminds them that they are human and that there are other humans who give a shit about them just because they're human. You don't have to pay for everything Joe does alone. Send a little. Someone else will send a little too. But if you send NOTHING, you're an asshole. A cheap asshole. You spent more on your wand/crystal ball/latest Llewellyn Book than you've given to charity this year.

So many of you are so thrilled that you helped get a black man elected, oh yay for you; you voted. You want to talk HOPE? In prison, the hope is that you get out with your ass in tact, with as many teeth as you came in with, and hell, alive would be nice. 

Think about being a pagan in prison, where murderers with one tooth and nazi tattoos are the only people who've heard of FUTHARK, and you really don't want to talk to them about the Goddess, because it gives them a bulge in their pants. Think about a Wiccan priest coming to visit you in that hell, to talk, to teach, to listen, to give you care packages, to bring books on your faith. THINK about it. Use those visualization skills you've honed saying "AGLAH" a thousand times while drawing invisible blue pentagrams. Do something useful with it. Put yourself in another's shoes for a sec.

Picture it.

And then GIVE JOE SOME MONEY. Hell, he takes donations online at this site:

You can get the address by dropping him a line at that link, and you can mail him some money if you don't have a credit card. Take six quarters and an envelope to the grocery store, buy a stamp and get the cashier to give you a dollar for the quarters. Send him a buck and a note telling him your sorry for not helping more, because you damned well should.

And Christians: He's doing what Jesus told YOU (and me) to do. We ain't doing it. Least we can do is support him.


  1. I'd rather compliment you on an excellent post that give Joe any money at all. (grin)

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Done. What Joe does is incredibly special and is needed. His work needs to continue.

  3. Well said. Money is on the way.


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