Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Heading out to vote

Ah! Blessed Libertas! Hail to thee, and all thy Works that have freed me from Evil Tyrrany! If it weren't for Lady Libertas, we'd still be frickin' Brittish. :shudder:

Liberty, folks. Americans have bled and died for the right to vote. Support our troops, your bumper sticker reads? Get out and VOTE! Have an opinon on the candidates? Make it mean something, get out and VOTE! Earn a right to your opinion: Get the fuck out and VOTE!

I don't give two shits in a hat who you vote for. I mean, I have MY PREFERENCES, but you know, it's the VOTE that makes being an American meaningful.

For years I didn't vote because I believed it didn't matter. Either way, the corporations/special interests win. While that's true to a degree, it's just a cop out. I pontificated about my political stance and did NOTHING to make a difference. Voting might be the least effective thing you can do to champion your personal cause(s) in government, but it's a hell of a lot more than I was doing. I don't organize activist meetings, I don't contribute to my favored candidates, I don't even use my blog (much) to influence others to my perspective. I like to think Magic(k) transcends politics.

But the least I can do is VOTE. So regardless of whether you're a McSamite or Obamatic, get out and VOTE.

FYI: I have very little control over what ads appear on my site. Fr. BH mentioned that an ad for a proposition that I don't support popped up on his version of my page. I have since blocked that domain from advertising here, but God knows they're pumping their money into Google's adsense to influence folks. If you see ads for stuff that you don't like, it's not my fault. If you really want to hurt the people that are advertising things you don't want to see, one sneaky method would be to click their links. Each click costs them money; the more they bid to get their ad displayed, the more it costs per click they get. When they run out of money, their ads won't pop up anywhere. I'm sure they've got millions, so to implement this kind of strategy, one would need to click the ads a few hundred times.

Just remember, I only display ads to make money. I don't necessarily support, condone, or stand in opposition to the services, beliefs, or goals of those that pay to advertise here. If you see an ad that you don't think belongs here, let me know and if I agree with you, I'll block their domain.

If you use Google ads to monetize your site: To filter ads, go to Google Adsense, Adsense Setup, and then click "Competitive Ad Filter." Type the domain of the advertiser you don't want to have access to your site in the big old text box in the middle of the page. There's online help if that doesn't give you enough detail.

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