Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ode to a Weasle

"Rosco P. Coltrane" was the name to you we gave,
soon to be written in childe's scrawl above your garden grave.
"Pets die more oft' than people do," I told her as she cried,
it didn't help because to her more than a weasle died.
A friend, a toy, a pet, a joy, the girl had lost too much.
I held her as she sobbed and shook, and blubbered on, and such.

I do not understand, I'm sure, the pleasure she had found
in that smelly, creepy-looking thing that recently had drown'd.
So my silence I shall keep on this, I will not bitch or moan
or mention that we have a chance to make the Animal Stone.
For now, Rosco, I bid adieu, and hope the childe can bear it,
this grief your passing brought to us, so long you smelly ferret.

(C) 2008, Rufus Opus


  1. I love ferrets, and greatly miss my 4 little guys. I'm tempted to get new ones, but I'm planning on moving and don't know that I could move with them.

  2. Me too, I had a Panda Ferret years back, he is still the smartest animal I ever experienced to date.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your pet. It really doesn't matter *what* it is, losing a pet can be hard. And ferrets are kind of cool.

  4. Did you ever resolve the bleach issue?

  5. Are you really going to make an animal stone out of Roscoe? Don't tell your little ones. (but let the rest of us know how it turns out..I'm only considering using rosemary at the moment)

    I have a soft spot in my heart for ferrets...I had one called Thistle. So funny and intelligent, albeit a little musky, but one can overlook poorly worn perfume on a lady who has looks,heart,and personality in spades.

  6. Thanks for the sentiments, Patrick.

    Joe and Scott, thanks for your advice. I'm leaning towards the "get a friend and Ferrets for Dummies option at the moment.

    Susanne, I won't be making an animal stone out of the little guy. That was just some inappropriate humor, how I deal with death and grief. (OTOH, I think tasteless jokes are appropriate, because death itself is a pretty tasteless joke.)

    Hyena, I resolved the bleach issue. I dumped the jar and contents and the bones were sort of rubbery. If I do try to make the Animal Stone, it will be from a snake skull and skin I have.

  7. :>


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