Friday, November 07, 2008

Reminder: Today is Really Samhain

Last Friday was Halloween, but as Lavanah reminded (or in my case, "taught") us, today is the day that Samhain should be falling on.

ERGO! Re-review last Friday's blog post and see how that works out for you on a day when the sun is cross-quartered; if you didn't see the spirit you were looking for, try it again today when the veils between the worlds is truly thinnest.

And really, shouldn't we go trick-or-treating all over again? And light the candles in the gourds?

Not me, I'm a Christian... but we're not THAT far removed from you heathens. Scrape a little of the Holy Roman Patina off, and voila!

Anyway, I should get candy. That's all I'm sayin'.


  1. Should I say "ouch?" :)
    I guess I've done more than my share of lecturing this week.
    (hey, at least you listen). And, I still have candy (and bat cookies) from October 31.

  2. Samhain (Samhna) here is November 1st..Summer's end. What's weird about this side of the pond is that Winter was officially announced Oct.26. (now I am totally confused)

    May is Bealtaine, Lunasa is August, and November is Samhain or Samhna...all pronounced differently than expected. (Samhain? SOW-en, Samhna is prounced Souwna, Bealtaine = Baltanya, Lunasa=loonassa...okay,I admit,the last one was easy..)

    Try this one (I am painfully..painfully learning Irish) February=Feabhra (fyouwra) but can also be known as bhFaoilleach...pronounced, wait for it, waeelyakh...ouch!

    Happy Samhain Everyone! and don't forget to light your bonfires...


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