Friday, November 07, 2008

Reminder: Today is Really Samhain

Last Friday was Halloween, but as Lavanah reminded (or in my case, "taught") us, today is the day that Samhain should be falling on.

ERGO! Re-review last Friday's blog post and see how that works out for you on a day when the sun is cross-quartered; if you didn't see the spirit you were looking for, try it again today when the veils between the worlds is truly thinnest.

And really, shouldn't we go trick-or-treating all over again? And light the candles in the gourds?

Not me, I'm a Christian... but we're not THAT far removed from you heathens. Scrape a little of the Holy Roman Patina off, and voila!

Anyway, I should get candy. That's all I'm sayin'.