Thursday, November 06, 2008

In answer to the Star Wars Post at Strategic Sorcery...

I had this image from somewhere on the 'net, and I've been meaning to post about it, but didn't have the context. Thanks to brother Inominandum's Star Wars-themed post at Strategic Sorcery, I have an excuse!

The piece is based on the OBEY art project's nationally famous Obama poster. It's pretty unrelated to magic, unless you understand the Gra'al quest is epitomized in Episodes 4-6, AND you equate that to the Great Work, AND you think that we are performing our own Gra'al Quest as we ritually conjure the experiences in life that result in the esoteric manifestations of the Alchemical Processes that create the Stone...

Hey, it's on topic after all, with very little stretching of the imagination. Thanks to Susanne and Stalking Hyena for the comments on the Animal Stone mentioned in the Ode to a Weasle post yesterday. That's why I was back at the Alchemy Web Site and could fit it into today's post.

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  1. Somewhere, in a Galaxy far far away, someone is performing an Operation for the Consecration of The Magick Light Saber...
    (probably using GD methods...we'll find out at the next convention...)


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