Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New job, less blog time...

Well, thanks to Bune, Och, and any other spirits that have worked on it, I've been enjoying a great new job. It's only been three days, but they've been grueling. Getting used to waking up and going to a job again, every day, has been quite an adjustment. I've gone from shower-optional to business-formal. I have to buy some ties. I got a haircut. I even brushed my teeth (my breath TOTALLY stank).

So I haven't had much energy for blogging. I've been coming home, spending time with the kids, and then passing out when they go to bed. Last night I woke up at 11 and was up until around 2:00 a.m. catching up with online friends and working on my Enochian Table.

I've made some progress towards finishing the Table for Enochian Work. I'm wood-burning the design into the top. I fucked up a bit, here and there, but following in Soror Gimel's(1) Piscean ways, I'm considering it a "prototype."

If it looks too bad when complete, I will likely stain the whole thing ebony, and then use gold leaf for the letters. I think that would be totally beautiful when finished.

The picture above is of the table earlier last night. The photo below shows where it's at now.

Now, for the feet... Well, I'll make another post about that tomorrow. I'm tired.

(1) The author of the My Gal blog; also known as the Grand Gardener of Gribbit Grove


  1. shower optional? no teeth brushing? isn't that why straight guys get married so that a woman can make sure these things *happen*??

  2. Oh, they happened regularly enough. Almost. She made sure of that. I'd say my hygiene was definitely less than it is now, but still much better than the French.


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