Friday, November 14, 2008

To god and His Spirits, I give thanks

Goetic Magic rocks.

Yesterday I got the final confirmation (a formality, really) that I will be starting a new job on Monday making a huge butt-load of cash. I've broken six figures now. So, thanks to Bune, thanks to my HGA, and thanks to God for revealing the path to financial well-being in spite of the economic down-turn.

And Och has kept me in cash since I've engraved that seal on my ring. Like literally, my wallet hasnt been empty since engraving the seal. Partially because I don't spend it all at once.

So, yeah, money magic. Give a donation here, carve a seal on a gold band there, and burn candles to a Goetic spirit on occassion. And be patient. I was freakin' out for a while there, but it didn't help.

Once again, I have found that you burn a candle to Bune and you get what you're looking for within a couple of weeks. Maybe having the spirit pot for him to hang out in helps, I dunno. Whatever. I'm doing pretty well. Thanks.

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  1. not to be a party pooper but starting a job isn't the same as having cash jingling your pocket... let's count that chicken when it hatches and then revisit the gratitude!


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