Saturday, October 31, 2009

How many courses are there going to be?

Excellent Question, Martialus.

The Supernatural Assistant course is Course 1. Soon there will be the Hermetic Merkavah course, followed by a Goetia course. Eventually there may be a course on Working with the Elemental Kings as well, though I suspect it will be a lesson or four in the Neo-Platonic System of Magic course.

So there will be at least 4 Courses in the foreseeable future. And more as I go onward.

The day I achieved Knowledge and Conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel is the day the keys to the kingdom were handed to me; without that, I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am today. So I'm starting with that, calling it "Acquiring a Supernatural Assistant" as a nod to the fact that it isn't the same thing as the HGA rites of Abramelin or Samekh. Those rites are so misrepresented that 99% of the people undertaking the path have no idea what they're getting into, how to recognize what they acquire, or even what to do with it once they have it.

I aim to fulfill my own destiny, my own Will, and do my part in manifesting a generation of magicians fully empowered and willing to become exactly what the Great Work turns us into: fully conscious human beings restored to our rightful place in the cosmic hierarchy, standing firm with the powers of Creation at our fingertips, with the knowledge and wisdom to use those powers as we see fit. Mad Alchemists, tempered in the fires of our passions, hardened and forged by our joy and our pain, and empowered by the light of God.