Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Changes

As I am almost ready to make the Goetic Grimoire into an eBook available for your purchase, I've decided to make some changes to the blog. You may notice no more Google ads. Much as I was LOVING the nearly $2.75 per month they generated since the blog's inception, I'm done with that. I usually enjoyed the ads they picked from my post contents, but frankly, it wasn't worth it. So no more ads for stuff like that.

I still want to make some money off the site, so I've added an eBooks area over to the right, beneath the list of people following the blog. You can currently purchase the Modern Angelic Grimoire there, and soon the Modern Goetic Grimoire. If I get around to publishing them both together as a complete set on paper and everything, you'll be able to order things from there.

Also, if any of my readers have services, products, or even just something sitting around they'd like to sell, I'll consider posting your ad on the right, above, or below the posts. Sort of like Craigslist, a simple text and/or hyperlink ad, or a single jpeg/gif ad. Nothing extravagant. Low weekly rates. :)