Friday, October 23, 2009

MGG Comments...

For those many wonderful and totally blessed people buying my grimoires, THANKS! Just so you know, when I charge for the order, you should be receive a link to download the files. Google's supposed to be sending that out, and I think it's working great, but for folks looking for a file attached to an email like in the OLD DAYS... Those days have gone.

Now, Jason pointed out something that I should probably mention. As a substitute for Holy Water, I suggest using water that you've soaked asfoetida in it, for those heathen infidel pagans who are opposed to slipping into the Catholic Church lobby and filling up a flask with some holy water. Jason's erudite comment was along the lines of, "Dearest Frater, the odoriferous output of the herb aptly known as "Devil's Dung" is so strong that it would indeed banish spirits, yea, even the wife, kids, dogs, cats, and neighbors should one soak this pungent herb in water."

So if you choose to go that route, use a teensy, itsy bitsy, tiny little part of the herb or resin or whatever. Apparently, it's not a pleasant experience for the human or the spirits. But honestly, just go get Holy water from the Catholics. Catholics are about as close to pagan Roman traditions as you can come anyway, really. At least they adapted the pagan rites, instead of trying to reconstruct them based on archaeological digs and Ursula K. Leguin novels.

Which reminds me... Eh, I'll get to it in another post when I'm not so hot under the collar. I'm trying not to fuck up and go ballistic on ass hats. I had a humbling experience last weekend when I read in a couple of blog posts around the web that I had inspired or helped people by my own writing and stuff, so I'm all trying to be a decent inspiration and hierophantical and shit. But man, I'm TELLING you, there are some stupid motherfuckers on the planet. I'll leave it at that.