Friday, April 02, 2010

Chthonic Christ

Jason reminded me that today's Black Friday, the day Jesus was all crucified and stuff. Three days in a tomb, and emerging the risen Christ unbound by time and space. Tradition holds that this is the time that Jesus descended into Hell and took the keys from Satan. At least, the hokey Christianity I grew up in taught that. I'm pretty sure it isn't scriptural.

In yesterday morning's blog reading time, I had a chance to read St. Balthazar's post on his Grimorium Verum dream experiences. They've had a very chthonic theme, and I couldn't help but think about how Christ is also a Chthonic figure when you get down to the bare bones. I mean, yeah, he's the Son of the Sky God, the Epitome of the Solar Sphere and its initiatory process and magical properties (Reconciliation, Exorcism, Attainment of the God Head, etc.), but he's also old John Corn and the Bull of Mithras. Freaking beautiful, when you think about it.

The Crucifiction and Resurrection is the perfect representation of a Chthonic initiation. The death and rebirth cycle of initiation has been done to death in the occult world, so I'll skip it, but I really want to focus on being buried in the Earth to harness the power that makes the seeds become the plants. Where did Christ go, according to the legend my parents taught me? To HELL. Where do we go right after attaining K&CHGA? To HELL. Well, we bring up its kings to us, but still, same thing. Christ went to the Infernal Sphere and returned with the Keys. Now, he didn't need the Keys of Hell to exorcise spirits while in the flesh. Instead, he relied on the power of Prayer, his direct relationship with his Father, and lots of time in what probably looked a lot like meditation.

But after his death and resurrection, he was all over the place. Time and space meant nothing to him. He appeared and disappeared at will. Eventually he even staged the Ascension. Freaking awesome. I totally want to do that one some day, if I can. I promise not to spit on anyone on the way up, no matter how funny I think it would be.

I can't really think of any more parallels. I've got a QA Audit on Monday I have to get ready for, I just wanted to get those thoughts out while they were still fresh in my head. Chthonic Christ. Buried, took the power of Hell, and went to Heaven. That about sums it up.


  1. I would call descending into hell Semi-biblical. But there is an interesting account of it in the acts of Pilate/Gospel of Nicodemus etc.

    I have experienced it as a mystical and tangible reality multiple times and in that way have a place for it. Wether or not it happened as depicted, I could assent to but am not sure you know?

    It is highly fascinating to read.

  2. Crikey RO, this is an astoundingly beautiful parallel... Christ descending into Hell in order to get the Keys. I will be meditating on that for a while to unpack it fully, but intuitively it hits me in the gut, hard, when I think about that image in relationship to that dream.


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