Monday, April 26, 2010

Wrong Gordon, but Still Right? Wow.

Come to find out, the Gordon who writes Rune Soup is not the same Gordon that I thought it was. He tells me my description of him is still oddly accurate. It's a weird wide web we write on.


  1. Hahaha. Got that right.

    Incidentally, these last 12 hours I have been racking my brain for whom you could possibly have been from my past.

    I'd narrowed it down to three school friends who -I figured- must have been practicing magic in secret.

    Was about to ring each of them up and shout "J'accuse!"

  2. LOL, sorry man!

    I think the description I gave was loose enough to fit most chaos magicians tho, sort of a cold reading thing.

  3. Don't feel bad R.O. It's only Monday and I'm not relating well. I enjoy your Blog and wish you peace and joy. I don't bug those 72 Goetia guys for anything. I don't need much. But I do enjoy your musings. Thanks. Oh yeah, Eff that Anonymous guy and his crappy comment about your house. I'm sure his Mamma wants him to move out soon.


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