Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why it's really ok to want to get rich off spirituality, if it were possible

It's ok, because really, honestly, and truthfully, wouldn't it be fucking awesome to get paid to do the Great Work? I mean, wouldn't it!?

Of course it would! And you know it.

I don't personally know if it's possible to accomplish the Great Work and still get "rich" off of spirituality. I suspect it just doesn't work that way. I could be wrong, and it would be pretty awesome to wake up tomorrow and have a billionaire decide to tithe on his gross total worth to me. Email me at the link below if that's you. You can fly me out tomorrow morning and I'll fill out whatever paperwork I need to. 

I understand people are squeamish about the money for magic thing, and vitriolic about their belief that it's wrong wrong wrong to take money for spiritual instruction. The world, apparently, wouldn't be the same if people like that didn't exist. I honestly wouldn't miss that particular belief system, but I'm not in charge, and it really does exist. So what can you say? Would something exist if it wasn't vitally necessary for everything else that exists? I don't personally think so. Everything's dependent on everything else, so even spiritual communists who would have everyone working a shift on the factory line to remind them that even though they're doing the Great Work and helping others do the same, they're still no better than anyone else... even these guys have a role to play in maintaining the existence of the universe at large.