Monday, April 26, 2010

Mental Games

I like to play with my consciousness. One of my favorite mind games is to move my point of awareness around my body. Most of the time I think of myself as sitting behind my eyes. That's the place in my body where "I" am. But I can move that around, after some practice, and it's fun to experience existence from my big toe, or hair follicles, or from my fingertips as I type. Our whole body is aware, but we tend to think of ourselves as "being" in the head. We're in the whole body though, and it's just a point of awareness that moves around.

This mind game has some useful practical applications. I commented on Jow's post (and Deb's) about how I move my awareness to the center of my migraine pain for a couple of seconds, and the pain just... goes away. It feels like I have to walk through waves of nausea to get there, but the end result is worth it.

In the comments on Jason's Why People Fail at Financial Magic, we got to talking about transcending the limits of practical magic. I agree with Jason that the type of stuff we were discussing is beyond the scope of "practical" magic, mainly because it's totally impractical for most of us to devote the time and effort it would take to attain that level of Mastery.

Don't get me wrong, I plan on getting there some day, sooner rather than later, and I plan to do it using Hermetic Conjure Magic. I expect the spirits to continue to teach me and transform the harmony of my sphere to the point where I can do the kinds of things Jesus and Rabbi Shimon did.*

One of the things Jason mentioned was:

It is really all based on consciousness itself being a basic building block of reality. When you get a glimpse "Beyond the Abyss" or at Rigpa, or a similar state of realization; the two points that I mentioned actually become seen as inseparable.
I think I get it. Reality and consciousness are inseparable at some levels of existence. I've caught that glimpse a time or two, from combined Solar-Saturn rites and while reading books like Heartdrops of Dharmakaya. It's a sense of awareness that has some kind of connection to the mental game of moving your awareness around your body and experiencing existence from abnormal points of view. In those moments, I want to believe I could have manifested 55 pounds of gold by being aware of it in the right way. I don't know if it's true or not, but I like to think so.

However, I suspect the level of awareness required to do this kind of thing takes place at levels of consciousness that are too deep, or too high to be able to think in terms of 55 pounds of gold manifesting on your desk at your cube. Just moving my awareness to my toes takes effort, concentration, and a certain level of no-mindedness to overcome the habitual placement of "me" behind my eyes. I can't maintain that awareness of the inseparability of matter and consciousness that I attain in rites and from magic books for longer than a few minutes during the reading or rite, and maybe a little while afterward. As soon as I start thinking about being aware of being in that state of mind, it's gone.

As Jason says:
Unfortunately to really do the kinds of things that we are talking about, bending and breaking physical laws, you need more than a glimpse into this state of awareness, you need to integrate it into your living levels. This is what separates the true masters from the rest of us.
Integrating it into my living levels may take some time. I sat here for about twenty minutes today trying to maintain the image of a pound of gold (that's a brick about 4cm wide x 4cm long x 1.5cm high, according to the web) while getting to that level of awareness at the same time, and I actually started sweating. And I started to get this weird warm feeling of rushing void in my chest while I was doing it, and that felt so cool and interesting that it distracted me from the goal completely.

And see, that's the thing. The "place" where thoughts about the stuff around us and the "place" where we are aware of the wholeness of all things and the physical truth of the Hermetic axiom "As above, so below" are so far apart and cluttered in between with garbage that synchronizing the two, being whole is difficult.

But so is moving my awareness around my body and experiencing life from the perspective of the tip of my dick. I managed that one after a couple hours of practice. How hard could it be?

* Did you ever notice that all the miracles ascribed to Jesus happen to be the abilities of the spirits, like turning water into wine? I figure he either conjured the spirits to get them to do the miracles on his behalf, or he learned the manifestation tricks from them. OR it may have been something else entirely. But he was limited to the same means to accomplish things that we are, according to the "fully man" part of the doctrine of the trinity, and he himself said we would do greater things than those that he did. God I hate building theories from theories. Hurts my wee brain.