Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Norms

I forgot how stupid people can be. You'd think I would remember, but I guess I'm just naive. I recently joined Tribal Blogs, a secular blog community designed to promote people's blogs. Normal people's blogs, apparently. I started a discussion group for Occult Bloggers, and the site owner popped in and asked if we were just talking about astrology, or if they needed to keep us away from the cats and dogs. She asked if I bite heads off chickens, and put a little smiley face after that, because it's funny.

Ha ha, it is to laugh.

I don't know how some people have the patience and generosity in their hearts to educate the ignorant. I didn't cuss her out, I calmly replied that I'm an esoteric Christian attempting to accomplish the Alchemical Work using the techniques of Renaissance conjure magic. I explained, nicely, how offensive it was to be asked if I bite heads off chickens, and then I deleted my membership.

The Norms get nervous at the mention of the occult. I haven't seen that in years, mostly because I blend in, and hang out with people who know the difference between a phurba and an athame. When I joined Tribal Blogs, I figured there would be few occultists, but it might work to be a good platform for promoting my blog anyway. I never expected to run into that kind of ignorance. I'm not a very good diplomat to the realm of the mundane. I'm much more comfortable discussing the nuances of spirituality as a career choice than I am explaining that no, in fact, I don't bite heads off chickens, and yes hide the dogs, but only because I'm allergic to their dander.


  1. i did a workshop on tarot a couple of weeks ago and spent a fair bit of time discussing 'occult' and 'occultism.' i was thrilled that one of the audience did actually know what they meant.
    it's slow goin' in mundania.

  2. I wanted to tell her, I don't normally do ritual sacrifice, but since you asked I'm going to make an exception and curse you with DEMONS!!!

  3. What a stupid question! Everyone knows you aren't supposed to bite the heads off chickens until the moon is full. :)

  4. "I'm not a very good diplomat to the realm of the mundane."

    LMAO! That goes onto my list of candidates for Understatement of the Year! But we here in "the cabal" still love you anyway.

  5. I tried to think up a supportive comment to leave, but I settled for banging my head against the wall instead. I've been asked if I want dead flowers and spoiled meat for my "demonic rites."

    Ah, the mundanes. What to do with them (besides depend on them to maintain the infrastructure).

  6. I've been asked, only half-jokingly, if I sacrifice babies. I said that is not part of the occult, it's just a personal hobby.

    It didn't go over as hilariously as I naively expected.

    *I* still giggle about it, though. :)

  7. Do I need to hide the cats?

    (I am not sure if dog and cat dander has anything in common---I never thought about it before today.)

  8. Can we avoid calling people who don't share our interests 'norms' or 'mundanes' it makes an occultist sounds like a teen who's played waaaaay too much mage the ascension.


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