Monday, November 22, 2010

Cluster posting

Once upon a time, RO had a lot of time on his hands to post and set up posts on his blog in a way that brought a steady diet of ideas and interests he wanted to share to his audience. Then he got really busy, and these days writes a ton of posts in a morning and then nothing else for a week.

Uh, anyway, I can't set them up to post sequentially like I used to from work, and I want to get stuff posted before I run out of time or forget, so sorry about the post clustering. As I adapt to my latest circumstances, I'm sure things will get back to a more even keel.


  1. "As I adapt to my latest circumstances..."
    Are they at least good circumstances, and you are happily busy? Everyone (myself included) seems so busy nowadays. (tried emailing you, but the email got bounced back)

  2. I don't mind the cluster posting. It's kind of like idea shoaling or a cluster bomb of inspiration. Your writing gives me a great deal to think about whether in handy snack-sized pieces or in a multi coursed feast.It's all good.....

  3. @Lavanah: They are busy circumstances. November Birthday for son, thanksgiving, december birthday for daughter, christmas, january birthday for wife, january birthday for other daughter...

    Lots of expenses, lots of money required, so lots of work for me. I'm TRYING to get enough income off my damned experience to not have to work two freaking jobs, but the universe does what it will, and I interact and adapt.

    Man proposes, God disposes, my dad always said.

  4. I think we all understand family obligation.
    Have fun!


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